How to wash wool – video launched by NuuMed

NuuMed Vid

Wool has so many benefits when incorporated into a saddlepad or numnah, but some people can be a little concerned about its care. That’s the reason that British saddlepad and numnah manufacturer, NuuMed, created a video to explain how easy it is.

The short video highlights the fact that NuuMed’s wool saddlepads and numnahs can be washed in a domestic washing machine on a 30 degree wool wash, and also suggests that a specially created laundry detergent, like NuuWash, will deliver the best results.

“Wool is a brilliant natural fibre that’s so well suited to equine use,” says Rosie Pocock from NuuMed. “Not only does it provide cushioning over key pressure points, but it also absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture to keep the horse dry and, as it’s natural, it’s less likely to cause any type of skin reaction, so it’s perfect for sensitive horses. What’s more, it’s hardwearing, it remoulds around the horse as it moves, it helps to reduce temperature fluctuations in the muscles and it’s no more difficult to care for than a ‘normal’ saddlepad.”

The video advises that, after riding, the saddlepad or numnah should be left to dry naturally before being brushed to remove any dirt or loose horsehair. When this has been done, the pad can be washed using a detergent like NuuWash that has been specially formulated for use with most materials that come into close contact with the horse. After the wash, just dry naturally.

The video can be viewed on NuuMed’s Youtube channel, which can be found at

To find out more, see or call 01458 210324.

Prepared by: Rhea Freeman PR  Email:  Tel: 07980 757910 

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