Midlife Opportunities

Hello all 🙂 One of my friends/clients/riders is up to some awesome life changes and has just started a blog to document her journey! This some of you might like it…:) Grab a cup of something and take a read 🙂

Blog by Lou Crow

WP_20160614_004 Love it when a plan comes together

Sprawled out all over the bed I’m sleeping in tonight I look again at the equine anatomy books and pages from today’s training on pathology and physiology.  All containing words, pictures and diagrams I need to remember again but are vaguely familiar from my school and BHSAI training days. So I am pulling out from a drawer within my head. I sit back take a sip of tea and gaze out of the beautiful old window.  The view is of a pretty wooden bridge suspended over a flowing brook in the heart of a picturesque village in Leicestershire.  I breathe a sigh of contentment and am confident I’ve made the right decision.

In January of this year I was made redundant having worked for children’s services for 15 years.  I consider myself to be a positive and happy go lucky person (although I…

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