Introducing Smart Horse Nutrition – the smarter way to feed your horse!

Jasper has a smart approach to life 😉 

Launched early in 2016 after extensive trials, Smart Horse Nutrition® is a new feed company with two primary goals – to provide your horse with the best quality nutrition possible AND to save you money.

Smart Horse Feeds are amongst the highest specification feeds on the market today and are formulated to allow you to take control of your horse’s diet. With feeds from the Smart Horse range, you can feed exactly what your horse needs easily and cost effectively according to condition, work done, temperament and the time of year.

Getting the foundation right 


Smart Horse Nutrition® started with the premise that your horse already receives a substantial proportion of the nutrition it needs, before anything is ever mixed in a bucket. This is because good quality forage provides the vast majority of your horse’s daily nutritional needs. As a result, the Smart Horse nutritionists formulated Smart rations from the bottom up, by analysing what your horse is missing once forage is taken into account. At the heart of the Smart diet, therefore, is Smart Balance – a high specification feed balancer that provides optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients to support health and performance. Additionally, Smart Balance is low in starch and sugar, made without cereals or cereal by-products, is Soya free, contains non GMO ingredients and is molasses free, so is altogether a smarter way to feed your horse. Fed on its own, or alongside any other feeds in the Smart Horse range to increase your horse’s protein and energy intake, the advanced specification of Smart Balance supports muscle development, immunity, hoof, skin and coat quality, digestion and temperament.

Why is Smart Horse Nutrition so different? 

At the heart of the Smart Horse concept is the fact that there are two key elements missing from the diet of a horse fed on an un-supplemented forage based diet: micro nutrients (key vitamins and minerals) and macro nutrients (protein and energy), that are needed for reproduction, growth and an intense work load.

While the majority of horse feeds tie these two elements together, the Smart Horse Nutrition® range has been formulated to keep them separate. It provides your horse with the 3 essential building blocks of a balanced diet – micro nutrients (Smart Balance), macro nutrients (Smart Muesli) and fibre. This means your horse’s diet can be tailored exactly to his individual needs, with a consistent level of Smart Balance satisfying your horse’s micronutrient requirements and Smart Muesli or Smart Linseed fed according to his or her protein and energy needs, which will vary according to age, work done, condition and temperament.

What does it cost? 

Tilly is usually shy with bags but dives in into Smart bags 😉 

Smart Horse Feeds are amongst the highest specification feeds on the market today, but they’re also incredibly good value for money. The team at Smart Horse don’t believe you should pay through the nose for a quality horse feed, nor should you waste your hard-earned money and compromise your horse’s health and performance with inferior quality feedstuffs. At a cost of less than 75p per day to feed an average sized horse the recommended daily amount of Smart Balance, Smart Horse are confident that you will not find a better balancer at a lower price. Smart Horse also offer excellent volume discounts where you could save up to £3 a bag by buying in bulk! So you can stock up and save, or group together with a couple of friends and buy enough for all of you in one delivery and save again!

Where to buy 

Leo loving his Smart diet 🙂 He is on Smart Muesli, Smart Balance and Smart Chaff twice a day and his feed is kindly sponsored by Smart Horse Nutrition. To read more about Leo and his mission within Aspire Academy see:

There are a growing number of feed merchants stocking the Smart Horse Nutrition range around the country. But if you can’t find supplier local to you, you and your horse can still enjoy the benefits of Smart Feed. Simply order easily and securely online from the Smart Feed Store and have your feed delivered direct to your door.

The team at Smart Horse Nutrition are always on hand and available, should you have any questions or need any specific feeding advice for your own horse. Find them on facebook, follow on twitter, check out, Tel 01497 570345 or Email any time!

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