2016-2017 Goodbye and Hello


Here we go. The 2016 has just about ended and I would like to thank you for being part of the Aspire Academy’s adventures for another 365 days.
It’s been a life changing year (which one isn’t, hey?!) with many challenges accomplished and some fabulous moments that I will remember for a long time.
It was yet another year which gave me a chance to teach some dedicated, fun people who make this job feel like a joyful adventure. Yet another year watching the riders gaining skills and horses improving their way of going. Little things.
We’ve made four (I think!) Intensive Training Camps happen including one in Poland which took many long evenings to plan and many nerves played on but it came together in the end and was an immense fun.
A young girl who couldn’t do a proper rising trot when we met two years ago, now has her own big equestrian adventure happening. Do visit her Facebook page and follow her journey as she continues to train with the Academy and starts her first proper competition season with her new mare. Her updates are up on: Fireblade Equestrian.

Awesome change in 2016 – I started collaborating with Christine Dunnington Photography – stay tuned for more on Chris as she settles into the Academy’s adventures 😉

Year 2016 will also always be etched in my memory as the year in which a friend my age died of cancer and left her precious little horse, Leo, with me. Never does life feel so volatile, so short, so worthy giving it all you’ve got when you’re faced with a loss. Rest in peace Ceri. I think of you on our hacks, looking around this chokingly beautiful countryside, listening to Leo snorting at invisible dragons.

I hope you dream big wherever you are. I hope you stay brave and strong and do what you want to do in life.
Thank you again for subscribing to our updates, for being the part of this project.
Have an amazing year and if you are staying in tonight, grab a coffee/tea/water/whatever, add some biscuits if you still have some space in your stomach after all the festive meals and stay on for a little more chatter below…


There is this saying that goes “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got”.
Even though I am not a big fan of deadlines, I think in order not to give up on an idea, there’s got to be a moment in which
we stop and evaluate whether what we are doing is taking us in the right direction.
These evaluations are damn difficult if you are a sole trader as there is nobody to give you a kick or support when you need it,
you are the sole owner of your vision and as such the kicker and the supporter in one. When I read that most new small businesses
fold in the first 3 years of running, I am not surprised at all. I don’t think all of them were a bad idea to start with but I do think
the most taxing of tasks is to see own actions as if they were someone else’s and make the necessary changes without
losing the will to carry on.

Each year I try to have a good think about the direction my work is taking me. Is it the right one. Is it a useful one. Is it of any value to others.
If I can’t create the right kind of value, the kind of conditions and quality that I want to provide, then I am not doing the right thing.
In order for me to be able to run a coaching service that matches my vision for it, we need to find a base for the Academy’s main pursuits. I have tried for good few years now to find the right combination of people to work with and a place to settle at. I have not managed to combine the two.
This is why I decided for the year 2017 to be the last year of the Academy as it is. If I don’t find the yard to develop it into a sustainable and valuable service, it will be time to create a new adventure.
I hate deadlines and working to them but maybe the deadline is what is needed. If you have your own projects you are working on, do share and let me know how you stay sane! 😉

Here we come 2017!