“Something new and rather exciting is going on in my world”

New Year – New Adventures! One positive thing that always comes from having no driving licence is that I get to meet some fab people and always think outside the box 😉 This time, I decided to finally do what was on my mind for a while and get a creative soul involved so I can awake some of my so far sleeping projects!

Over to Christine: 

Chris taking photos of me schooling one of my four legged clients 😉 


Something new and rather exciting is going on in my world…by Christine Dunnington Photography

I confess to spending far too much time on Facebook, I don’t consider it a waste of time – okay, sometimes it’s a waste of time – but I belong to some really interesting groups, some relating to the equestrian world and many connected to photography; there’s always something to learn, tips to share, inspiration to gain and for me, horses for sale for me to drool over and only dream about.


It was whilst I was scrolling through the recent news feed on EEN, that I read with much interest a post by Wiola Grabowska at Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy. Wiola was looking for somebody to assist her two days a week. Not having a UK driving licence, she wanted somebody who could drive her from her base near Henley on Thames to Northolt; somebody who could photograph and video record clients during their lessons – something Wiola offers as a useful learning aid for her clients as well as the educational blogs she writes; somebody with the desire to follow Wiola and learn her methods and techniques and naturally, somebody who enjoys horsey chats, coffee and banana cake!


It took me a couple of days to think about it and for the seed to germinate at which point I thought this could be perfect for me, what am I waiting for?! I emailed Wiola with a brief life history, giving her an a account of my limited riding career to date, my passion for photography and how Christine Dunnington Photography was born and my desire to learn more about horses and to be more proficient and confident around them.


Wiola didn’t hang around in getting back to me, we agreed on and arranged a trial day, which went so well, I started the following week, I’m loving it. Wiola is so friendly and easy going and literally from the moment I arrived she was offering her knowledge and advice; during the first client lesson she introduced me to the Pilates ball and core strengthening exercises to try and practice – I’m now the proud owner of my own ball so I can practice and make a fool of myself in the privacy of my own home! Wiola it seems is more than happy to teach me as much as I can absorb and so much more; a fair exchange for my time and help – I must not waste this opportunity.



I will post regularly with updates of my journey with Wiola, her energetic 11 months old Spaniel, Jazz, Leopold The Last who is her cherished and inherited project (and sometimes my teacher) and all the other members of the Aspire Equestrian Academy team, both human and equine.



Hope you’ll follow Christine’s adventures with Aspire Academy and stay tuned for some exciting projects ahead! 🙂

Wiola x

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