Top Tip: How to teach your horse to jump air

Teaching your horse to jump air

Jumping air is a great skill to acquire by any horse as it eventually allows riders to practice without having to spend money on jump equipment. It can be done anywhere and horses can be taught to jump both verticals and oxers as well as courses of jumps with combinations and lines as long as the handler can keep up with the horse.

To start with you will need: 

  • lunge line
  • lunge cavesson
  • lunge whip
  • a pound coin
  • a sturdy jump

How to: 

  • Place the pound coin on top of the jump in the centre of it and bring the horse to it so he/she can have a good look and a sniff
  • Lunge the horse over the jump with pound coin on top of it several times
  • Remove pound coin from the centre of the jump and place it on the edge either to the left or right, let the horse see it and sniff it. Lunge over the jump several times exactly over the pound coin
  • Take the pound coin from the jump and place is on the grass a few meters away. Bring the horse to it, let him/her see the coin and sniff it then lunge over it – the horse will jump it high every time.


Happy April’s Fools, yes we don’t normally post on Saturdays 😉

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