Preparing for our Spring Intensive Training Camp

By Wiola Grabowska

A little less than four weeks is left between now and our next Intensive Training Camp. I decided to change the venues for this year’s camps to create even more of a challenge for the riders but also so we can get to know more places and spice up the training adventures.

For the spring venue we decided to base the weekend at Oldefields Equestrian Centre in Seer Green, Bucks which is half way between the London yard and Brackenhill Stud in Henley on Thames and as such makes it easy for the riders to attend.

The arena where most of the action will happen

As always with those weekends I start from riders’ goals, then add my own aims for their sessions and finally try to come up with exercises and challenges that will merge the two.

The planning of those sessions is something I very much enjoy, the stressful part is to make sure everything runs well on the day!

The Spring Camp is flatwork/jumping and rider development focused and the training sessions are an intensive continuation of what we do at home in regular lessons. It’s always interesting to plan for horse’s learning too. I have noticed over the last two years of these camps that not only riders fast-forward their skills in the right environment but horses too.

I would quite like each camp to be slightly different even if the main idea stays the same – to immerse oneself in training and learning. This time we are adding an actual camping option thanks to a nice little area in the woods made available for us. I hope everyone survives 😉

stables plus paddock

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