About Wiola

with Iga

With my 2 year old niece – my next coaching project 😉

My coaching website: HERE

One thing you might want to know about me is that I love pancakes. Pretty much all kinds. And a good Latte served with soft armchairs, horsey chat and a sea view.

Many things interests me, I love a good adventure, travel, getting caught by pouring rain but when it comes to work I am single minded and focused on developing my biggest project: Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy.

Running the Academy lets me do what I enjoy most in life: creating motivation for improvement, empowerment, knowledge and empathy with horses. It lets me be excited about every day 🙂

I live with my boyfriend of 8 years who is totally un-horsey and provides the much needed balance to my otherwise four legged driven life.

You probably want to know a bit more about my riding…

About Wiola

I’ve ridden since I was 10 years old, mostly show-jumping, training with Polish Olympic rider and trainer, later I became fascinated with dressage and use of rehabilitative schooling in-hand to improve performance.

In 2007 I received an invitation from former British Dressage Team Member and International Rider and Trainer to shadow train with her which I did actively for several years and still keep connection by organising Aspire Shadow Training Days with her.
I officially set up Aspire Equestrian in 2010 and its main goal is to provide a quality equestrian training that is rider-centred, holistic and creative as well as being horse friendly.

It is aimed at grassroots riders & instructors-to-be. I organise coaching weekends intensive training days all over UK & Europe as well as running regular training near London in form of a structured Academy where all beginner riders commence their first few months of training on the lunge.

I took 8 months out in 2012 to train in Portugal on quality Lusitano stallions and jump with Portuguese National Champion and World Equestrian Games rider & trainer. It gave me a huge admiration for Iberian horses and I am hooked on them! My passion lies in correct foundations for any discipline and getting the most out of any horse and any rider.

I am open to any networking opportunities, working cooperation, more learning and any ideas for ambitious projects. Get in touch!



7 thoughts on “About Wiola

  1. Mark, in conjunction with Desk Jockeys Ltd, is running a training session with Nuno Baptiste from Portugal. Just thought I’d pass it on to you in case you want to come and have a listen or even a session (the never ending training)!

    I love pancakes as well, btw 🙂

    B x

    • Thank you for that! I would absolutely love to attend but probably won’t be able this year as all my resources and energy is ploughed into developing Aspire. Maybe next year!
      I saw videos of Nuno Babtista riding in Golega – wonderful. He is supposed to be an incredible teacher too so if you are going I am green with envy 🙂

      P.S. If we ever meet in real life we shall have pancakes then! Served with some good dressage training ideally 😉

  2. No worries, I’m sure he’ll be back next year! My friend, Chloe, who has a great blog, and runs Desk Jockey’s amongst other things, is coordinating it and loves Nuno. I am so looking forward to my lesson with him! It will be videoed, so that will get posted on my blog once it’s over and (hopefully) it will be grand!

    Strangely enough, a friend stayed over Friday night and she’d been having a pancake desire for weeks, so pancakes for breakfast on Saturday morning :)!

    I haven’t posted a new blog lately as really struggling with my next one on my liver transplant, but aiming for the end of the week to get it up (or sooner), it’s a tricky one, but feel it necessary to discuss as responsible for my having to start almost from scratch with my training (almost) and obviously, since it saved my life, need to talk about that, too…hmmm…what’s more profound, life saving or the fact that it interfered with my training lol!

    Bets x

    • Hi Bets! This is actually quite spooky as I realised I have spoken to someone from Desk Jockey’s via Twitter this morning! I’m seeking various ways to network and work with interesting people and came across them. However, I only just made a connection between you mentioning it earlier on here and my Twitter encounter 🙂 I am looking forward to hearing from them, they sound like great people to be involved with.

      I am really looking forward to your blog post report from that clinic and I am green with envy! Next year 🙂

      Pancakes are for any time of the day and absolutely perfect for breakfast so I hope your friend was suitably grateful for such amazing meal from you 😀

      I can only imagine the difficulty in putting into words the whole liver transplant experience. Good luck writing it! I shall visit to check it out for sure 🙂 x

      • Ha! How ironic!! They are great people and definitely ones to have as contacts. I think Chloe does the replying on twitter, and just had surgery on her hand/arm today, so I’d give it a day until she perks up again :).

        Agreed on the pancake front and she was, indeed, happily stuffed with them until next time :).

        Hopefully Nuno will be back before next summer and you can attend. It’s actually quite inexpensive, I think £30, for private session, but it’s the whole transport, etc., that ends up costing; but he’ll be going to my yard for one of them, so I get to save on that bit but you’re always welcome to come and watch if you fancy it.

        I’ll get there on the blog, so many different perspectives to start from, it’s just choosing the right one and then it will flow, as you can see, I am not shy with words lol!

        I look forward to reading more on your site as well as hearing from Chloe and/or Su about Aspire and Desk Jockeys 🙂

        B x

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