Through coach’s eye: Planning a new set up for Aspire Equestrian Summer Training Camp

By Wiola Grabowska

Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy Summer Training Camp

The 2017 Aspire Equestrian Summer Training Camp is in 9 days and this last stretch is my favourite part of the whole planning and organisation process even though it’s wildly time consuming.

New set up

This Summer Camp is the first one of hopefully a continuously improving series of summer intensive training camps incorporating a show. A very special kind of show. In all my training and in riding in general, I put the biggest emphasis on self-improvement. Knowing that we do our very best and then pushing ourselves that little bit more each time.

For this reason I wanted to create a challenge which awards partnership, style and performance in that order rather than simply a score/clear round etc. Partnership between horse and rider is to me what makes training worthwhile – mutual respect and understanding as well as working as a team not against one another. Style of riding – appreciation for correct biomechanics which makes horse’s job easy and rider’s job possible. Performance – understanding of tasks at hand, what’s required and how to “steal marks” as well as mental and physical readiness to do well at those given tasks . I feel those three elements put together should create a unique kind of competition…My plan is to grow it outside of regular riders group so watch this space 🙂

includingI Aspire Equestrian Training Challenge Show-2

Support and Prizes

It wouldn’t be a competition if we didn’t have any prizes and a trophy so it’s my mission to create a series worth putting a business name to…;) Our first Patron for the 2017 edition is Life Savings. Authorised Distributors for Utility Warehouse, a FTSE 250, Which Award winning Utility Company that can help you save money and make money on your household bills.

Delighted to have them on board as all horse people know, horses eat money and poo on money 😉 Savings is what we need!

Becky Bunce Photography and a young talented Animation graduate, Angela Tong, are among other prize sponsors. Thank you for being involved!

The exciting part starts now

By now, it means most of the timings are set, all sessions are planned out as to who rides with who and what I’ll be focusing on with each rider. The part left to do is the exact sessions content and that’s what I most enjoy. The whole process of figuring out what might potentially take a rider from point A to point B, what might work for a particular horse and how could they most benefit from an intensive focus of the Camp.

It’s the most difficult part for sure and I can’t say I always get it right but from a geeky coaching perspective this possibility to help the riders reach their goals is what drives me most to organise these events.

Photo Report from the Camp will be on the blog at the end of August so pop over for a visit to check it out 🙂