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Check this out if you would like to get away for a few days and spend them with horses…

It’s my great pleasure to invite anyone who feels like spending several days doing nothing but the horses to the second Aspire GetAway to La Fiaba in Tuscany, Italy…

If you would like to wake up and start your day from bringing horses from the field, feed them and groom them; if you would like to follow this up with half a day over challenging Tuscan countryside, rider technique focused lessons, sessions on your body awareness and feel as a rider as well as use video feedback to help you progress – you might just love to check it out 🙂

Click HERE or the image below for full details:

September Aspire getaway Poster

Surprise, Surprise! Second Aspire GetAway: September 2014!


It’s official! We are giving it a go and jumping into the 2nd Aspire GetAway bootcamp of 2014 🙂 If you couldn’t make the June trip and really wanted to go, here is your second chance!

Following feedback from the first tour, some upgrades and improvements will be made on this upcoming trip so hopefully the service will be better and better with each time we GetAway 🙂

The idea is simple: breathe, live, ride horses. The focus is on learning, improvement and plenty of fun. 

There are very limited riding places available with 3 currently reserved and 2 up for grabs so please contact Wiola on for full details and booking conditions. Non-riding companions welcome!

To get more feel for what to expect see our June video below (plenty of photos from the June trip can be found HERE)


Back from our first Aspire Training GetAway! Read on to find out how it went :)

Italy GetAWay

The idea behind Aspire Training GetAways is to create a very special equestrian training experience for riders of all grassroots levels who love horses and enjoy learning, training and pushing themselves. We hope to learn ourselves from each trip as we go in order to improve the service the more we provide it.

The key ingredients that we are after when searching for the hosts of the GetAways are comfort for riders and horse friendly conditions for the horses. The latter might seem obvious but there are many incredibly beautiful centres and stables around the world where horses have very little to no turn out and can live in quite an artificial environment. This is not necessary for grassroots horses that do not compete at high levels so the search was and always will focus on places that are fun both for human and equines 🙂

Sharon and Lorenzo’s La Fiaba certainly ticks many of our boxes:

Bringing the horses in from the fields
Bringing the horses in from the fields. Photo by: Emma Zadravetz
Bringing the horses in from the fields. Photo by: Emma Zadravetz
A little bit of human comfort 🙂
A little bit of human comfort 🙂

The long weekend aims at creating a full on bootcamp riding activity including horse care, in-hand work, post training video feedback (nice chunk of work for me on this one upon returning home 😉 We like the idea of combining trail riding with lessons, groundwork/in-hand work, body awareness training and yard work – the video below should give you a little more insight into the trip.

magda in hand work
Magda Mucha doing a groundwork/basic in-hand work demo

Our next planned training GetAway at La Fiaba will most likely be in September this year and we are also organising training GetAway to Poland in a very near future 🙂 If you would like to be kept informed on any future training trips please email Wiola on
We hope to bootcamp many more riders in the years to come! 🙂

Huge thank you to our wonderful hosts for plenty of fun, delicious food and great company 🙂 

Aspire at la fiaba collage




What Do You Think Of This? Please share your Feedback and Views…

I would love your feedback on this first microsite version for our 2014 services…Is it easy to follow? Is everything opening and showing ok on your screens? Do you like it? Is all info you would look for included? Please help me make it good and serve riders well…

Link to the microsite: or just click the image below:


You might be thinking why I wanted another site since we already have a main website and this blog for Aspire…well, I realised that providing something different to what is widely available within the industry comes with a challenge of explaining clearly what is it that is actually being sold. Having been committed to an on-going improvement of the coaching services from the word go isn’t helping the above either because it means the offer undergoes yearly changes and upgrades.

It therefore seemed like a natural step to start a series of yearly microsites that will be fully and only dedicated to the Aspire coaching offer for each year. This way I will be able to direct all riders to [hopefully] a very transparent and conveniently gathered current information instead of them going through detailed descriptions of the programmes on the main website.

The microsite is now live and working (but ready to be updated after any feedback and comments!) so if you would like to sign up to Aspire’s special offers and news on a big educational project coming up this year, head over to the site and pop your email address in the sign up box 🙂

Feel free to share your views in the comments below, I would love to know what you think.

Thank you,


New for 2014 – Introducing Aspire Equestrian Getaways: Tuscany ’14

AspireGateaway Cover

It’s been my goal for Aspire Equestrian to organise short training getaways that bring together hard work on own riding skills in lesson environment and the pure joy of being around horses in most natural way – looking after them and riding out in beautiful countryside.

Here is the first one of, hopefully, many such breaks! There are 6 places available in total. 3 are already taken, 3 are still up for grabs. If we have a lot of interest and there is a possibility to have a bigger group, I will look into it but for now, we are starting small :)


Total hours: approx. 14+ hours in the saddle + 4 hours In-hand training + 4 hours of off-horse training + horse care time as per your wishes

1) Daily Aspire Training Sessions with myself (working on horse’s straightness, suppleness and correct biomechanics as well as on own use of body as a rider. Adjusted to levels of the riders and horses. Use of video feedback for awareness training).

2) 3 x Challenging HALF-A-DAY Trail Rides over varied Tuscan countryside. Plenty of hills and tracks to explore. Both fast and slower options available. Well mannered horses. Fit and fun. For fitness and for joy of life 🙂

3) Each rider to receive 2 private lessons with myself during the stay. Focus on your seat, effectiveness, improvement of given horse on given day.

4) Opportunity to fully look after the allocated horse throughout the stay, muck in and out, feed, groom, make friends and prepare the horse for training and trail rides (with supervision). This was important to me so I was looking for a place where riders could get involved fully. 

Mark your diaries: 12-17 June 2014 (Thu-Tue).

Please click the poster image below to enlarge it and read the print easily. If you feel like you would love to join us, email Wiola at aspire @ outlook . com for update on availability, costs and booking conditions. Beginner riders with aspirations to become sympathetic and effective riders also welcome.

POSTER AspireGateaway Tuscany 2014
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