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Prefabricated Perfection

Mirrors for Training is delighted to announce the launch of its new Prefabricated Arena Mirror System, which contains everything needed for a perfect installation.

arena mirrors.jpg

The precision engineered galvanised steel kit can be used to install horizontal and vertical mirrors, as the posts are universal in the design. The prefabricated kit ensures that the mirrors hang beautifully and also allows mirrors to be tilted, to suit the rider’s requirements.

“Hanging arena mirrors correctly is important in terms of the reflection they produce, the safety, and the overall look,” said Andrea Miles from Mirrors for Training. “Our engineers are experts in this area, but we know that not everyone wants to pay to have mirrors installed and would like to do this themselves. That’s why we’ve created this system. We’ve spent a lot of time designing and preparing this system as to ensure correct wind loadings and so on. We’re very proud of what we’ve created.”

The Prefabricated Arena Mirror System is supplied as a kit containing five 8ft x 4ft galvanised steel backed Arena Mirrors with adjustable tilt brackets. It costs £3800 delivered (UK mainland, international delivery available but carriage cost will be different).

To find out more about Mirrors for Training, see or call 01902 791207.


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A little hoof health help from Equimins

There is no question about the importance of hoof health for horse’s performance so let me share this new product with you all 🙂 Who knows, some of you might find it helpful.

hoof_disinfect_gel_500g copy

New Hoof Disinfectant Gel hits the shelves

Equimins has recently added a new product, Hoof Disinfectant Gel, to its range. The gel uses the same effective formula as Hoof Disinfectant Spray, but in a different presentation.

The gel is easy to apply and ensures no run-off. The actual disinfectant is made from a variety of safe bactericidal and fungicidal oils, along with a biocide developed specifically for the type of environment hooves are exposed to. It’s incredibly safe yet highly effective, in fact, Hoof Disinfectant Gel can also be used on minor wounds.

“Our new Hoof Disinfectant Gel provides an alternative to those who prefer a gel over a spray,” says David Willey, Managing Director of Equimins. “As per the spray disinfectant, it’s very safe but very effective and can be used to help hoof infections and maintain hoof health. The benefit of the gel is that there’s no run-off and it can be applied precisely using a brush.”

Hoof Disinfectant Gel is available in 500ml tubs that have a RRP of £8.75.

For more information see, email or call 01548 531770.

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Clever idea for every budget savvy horse owner: The Equestrian Index Essentials Card

Here at this blog we are all about bringing you useful content and when I saw Equestrian Index’s idea I thought it definitely needs to be spread 🙂 Take a look at the information below (I asked for their Press Release), it might just saves you some pennies (that you can then save for lessons, or shows, fun rides etc 🙂 )

The Equestrian Index Essentials Card……ESSENTIALLY SAVING YOU MONEY!

Horses as a sport, profession or hobby are expensive. There are no two ways about it!

With The Equestrian Index there is now a way to save money when buying products and services for your yard, stable and horse.


The Equestrian Index Essentials Card supports you every time you buy product from our partners so your annual savings could be really substantial! With our ever increasing partner network your card will bring you a wide variety of products at a discount – some you thought out of reach until now!

The Essentials Card not only gives you great savings throughout the year on essential equestrian purchases – and maybe a few luxuries as well – but will also benefit two Equine Charities. This year, with your help, we will be donating a percentage from every card purchased to RIDING FOR THE DISABLED ASSOCIATION and REDWINGS HORSE SANCTUARY.

So, if you use your card to claim the discounts on insurance, rugs, feed, bedding, safety equipment, passports, freeze marking, worm counts and all our other offers, you could save enough money for those elusive luxury items – like extra carrots or a horsebox!

Your Essentials Card is available at an introductory rate of £10* and is valid for 12 months. As we increase our partner network over the coming months you will have greater access to participating stores in your area! You can also recommend your favourite supplier to become a partner. Supporting local businesses on a national level!

Check out our Savings Calculator to see what less that £1 a month could save you and jump online now at to get your card! You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

*Offer available until 31st May 2015 for more information contact

Corporate Fundraising Co-ordinator for RDA, Sinead Walsh said: “We are very grateful to Equestrian Index for choosing RDA as one of the charities to benefit from the Essentials Card. This is a great way for people to show their support for us and save money at the same time.”

A pro filming system goes mainstream? FMBs Therapy Systems launches new FilmMe system!

FMBSlogo[4]I do enjoy sharing interesting news with you all and having been made aware of the below announcement I thought some of you might like to read. The company which got involved in Aspire Equestrian Gift Guide last year – the FMBs Therapy Systems – now launches a new FilmMe system. 

Many of you know I love video feedback and I do browse the news in film making area regularly. I learnt about FilmMe a couple of years ago and from what I understood at the time it was a fairly luxury technology not accessible to mere mortals 😉 I was therefore intrigued by the “new FilmMe” solutions… 

What do you think?


FMBs Therapy Systems launches new FilmMe system!

Laura T and FilmMe[3]FMBs Therapy Systems is delighted to welcome an additional FilmMe system, which provides those on a tighter budget with the ability to have their every ride and training session videoed at the press of a button.

The new system, called FilmMe (with the original system rebranded as FilmMe Pro) has a smaller white camera unit and includes one wristband. The footage captured is HD ready 720p (with the Pro version capturing footage in Full HD 1080p). Otherwise, both systems include the same technology, allowing the rider’s every move to be recorded, so there’s no difference in coverage.

FilmMe logo sm[1]“FilmMe is a brilliant system that’s being used by colleges and in private arenas all across the country,” says Serena Hickson from FMBs. “FilmMe Pro, the original version, provides exceptional quality footage and a few additional benefits, but the new FilmMe is excellent too. By examining each area, FilmMe has produced a more affordable version, to help encourage more venues, colleges and private arenas to install the system. Both systems offer automatic tracking and zooming, automatic video upload with free and secure storage, ability to live stream, share with owners or trainers or playback instantly for analysis and more…it’s just at a lower cost.”

Laura Tomlinson and Myerscough College use the FilmMe Pro system and the system has just been installed at Rockrose Equestrian Centre.

FilmMe and FilmMe Pro are available in the UK exclusively through FMBs Therapy Systems. To find out more about both systems and how they can be used, just contact the team. Please note that finance options are also available.

For more information see or call 01494 883433.

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A product that can save your horse’s life?

I seem to be writing a post after post about interesting products lately but can’t help it – they are interesting! 🙂

During my time in Portugal, I got to meet an amazing, beautiful Lusitano stallion called Rehedição. Trained to Grand Prix, he was a fabulous schoolmaster and a great asset to the centre. He died suddenly at night (found dead in his stable in the morning) and post mortem conclusion was a serious colic. When I saw this product, I thought about that amazing horse and could have really be that this little device could have saved his life? Maybe…

What do you think? They are fundraising on Indiegogo at the moment:

indiegogo night check
Click image to watch the video presentation and see the campaign

Night Check (patent pending) is an innovative new product ready to help detect devastating medical issues in horses early enough to treat them. Night Check is a sensor with state of the art software to decode the activities of your horse and warn you when there is abnormal behavior such as being cast in the stall or showing symptoms of equine colic. Night check analyzes your horse’s behavior and calls or texts phone numbers you designate when colic, a foaling mare or other situations are likely. [From:–2]

A little ingenious product for any rider :)

This is not a sponsored post, I literally only just seen this thanks to Twitter (and more specifically, thanks to chit chat with @RolltackLtd ) and genuinely loved the idea and couldn’t not share it with you all. I am forever dragging tack piece by piece everywhere so this looks like such a great solution to short distance tack transport 🙂 The car storage idea will probably appeal to many too. Let us know what you think – how do you deal with moving your tack around? I especially liked the idea of it double working as a mounting block. Clever.

Click on the image above for the full website, testimonials and more photos:



Rolltack Ltd has just offered you dear Aspire blog readers a 10% discount at checkout!


An interesting product for riders looking for some stickability and extra comfort in the saddle (and few photos from Royal Windsor Horse Show)

I am not usually a fan of all sorts of seat savers and the likes as in my experience they feel like they create a thick layer of distance between the rider and the horse and thus decrease the feel. However, I was very surprised to try the shock absorbing saddle pad pictured below at Windsor Horse Show yesterday.


Although it appears rather thick and spongy both to look at and to touch, once sat on it creates no bulk at all and in fact, gives you a feel of sitting on a very, very comfortable saddle 🙂

If you ride many horses a day, have less than a perfect saddle or need some help to stay “plugged in” to the movement in that medium trot, I do recommend you have a look at this one. The one I tried is made by Acavallo:

The Royal Windsor Horse Show started yesterday (14th May) and will go on until Sunday (18th May). It’s a lovely show with a fabulous atmosphere in a stunning set up so if you don’t have any plans for the coming weekend, head over to Berkshire 🙂 Few photos from yesterday below. I took some videos too which will be on the blog later today.



Senior Horse / Pony – Ridden – line up just before the winner was announced
Dressage. Castle Arena. Advanced Medium Freestyle to Music
Castle Arena. Land Rover Grades B & C Handicap Jumping Competition. Barely visible Laura Kraut over 3rd from the last jump. Fabulous round and pleasure to watch –  very fast but without any pulling and shoving, really great riding.
On way to the show grounds
On way to the show grounds

The Second Life of Show Rosettes / Ribbons…

Pretty great idea for re-using your show rosettes (or ribbons as they are also known) instead of hanging them all over the walls or hiding them in the drawers 🙂


Click on the image above to go to the Etsy shop by TheRepurposedRider who makes these 🙂

Video Day Friday: For all DIY enthusiasts. How to Make a Haynet from recycled baling twine

Now you have saved some pennies for training 😉