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Land Management – the significance of livestock

Due to my interest in equine management in relation to hoofcare and how different ways of horse husbandry determine hoof health, I read various land management articles from time to time. Today, I came across a mention of Allan Savory, a ‘grassland ecosystem pioneer’. From link to link as you do (and often spend a bit too much time playing with Google!) I landed on the below video…Now, it is not directly about equine grassland management but if you are not familiar with Allan’s concept do grab a cup of tea/coffee/beer whatever and have a listen. I promise you won’t find it a waste of your time…



I wonder if and to what extent this applies to grazing horses…What are your thoughts?

Thank you to Hay Net Social Blogging site for Featuring Aspire’s blog post…

hay net
Click on the image to read Aspire’s post which got featured on Hay-Net

I would like to send big thank you to the social blogging website Hay-Net for featuring one of our recent blog posts in their “Blog Posts Not to Be Missed” section.

It is extra special to me because they chose to feature the post which talks about subjects that are at the core of existence for Aspire Equestrian Academy. In fact, the Academy exists exactly because of the issues discussed in that post.

If you don’t know of Hay-Net and you write an equestrian related blog, I really recommend joining this vibrant, diverse, multicultural and fun website where you can share your blog posts, views as well as network with other riders and owners in a friendly atmosphere.

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Video Day Saturday: Dr. Deb Bennett about physical and deep straightening (lessons from Woody)

usef network 2

The below videos show recorded lectures, workshops and ridden training during USEF 2013 George H. Morris Horsemastership Training Session. All videos included in the Training Session are interesting to watch and many curious riders and instructors should find in them something for themselves. I am posting these videos on here because I strongly believe in learning from multiple systems and approaches so we can develop own healthy and constructive views.

The ones I chose to underline below are lectures by Dr. Deb Bennett from Equine Studies Institute. I think they discuss matters which are still and often under the radar of many horse owners, instructors and riders.

1) Lessons from Woody Part I: Physical Straightening

(you can read more about Woody here: Lessons From Woody Pdf) 

2) Lessons from Woody Part II: Deep Straightening 

3) True Collection: Coiling of the Loins and Raising the Base of The Neck

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Video Day Wednesday: The Basics of Rider Biomechanics by Ride With Your Mind (Mary Wanless)

Cover of "Ride With Your Mind: An Illustr...
Cover via Amazon

In September 2006 I walked into Hartpury College‘s library (first time I saw so many equestrian books all in one place – I pretty much spent most of my time there each day when being at the college) and discovered trainers who tried to explain things that are often brushed off.
One of the first books I picked up was Ride With Your Mind by Mary Wanless. It was an old version, a very tired copy written in a not so user friendly way but I found the theories intriguing.

I have since attended seminars with Mary Wanless and read her other books with more understanding (as my knowledge of English language progressed 😉 and although I personally prefer to pick and mix various ideas and go with what brings results in particular rider or a horse, I do believe her system is worth attention.

Having noticed Mary published the below video recently I thought some of you might find it interesting…I would recommend watching it before you reach for the books…

Video Day Saturday: Show Jumping Clinic with Peter Wylde

“Every horse can get better or it can get worse depending on the rider” – says Peter Wylde in the closing chat of the below clinic.

I chose this video for today because it shows a really interesting, constructive jumping session of a kind I like the most: using dressage training for a jumping horse, thinking throughout and providing simple gymnastic challenges at every stage of the session.

Video lasts about 45 min. All exercises can be done on X-poles and the difficulty increased as the rider learns and the horse gains confidence. Emphasis on correct bending is what I enjoyed watching a lot here as that’s something many riders forget on the course.

video pw
Click on image to go to the video (free to view)

What can a newcomer or an amateur rider do about choosing an instructor for themselves or their child…

I listened to a very interesting podcast on Chris Stafford Radio this morning. It’s very American West Coast jumping scene focused chat in first part so perhaps not so relevant in the UK but once it stops there starts (around 00:14 onwards) a very interesting discussion about choosing an instructor…I’ve put the link for you below, it’s a really interesting insight into someone else’s choices that might motivate some riders or parents to be more open minded and think outside the box when assessing who they want to learn from.


Many valid points made in this interview  and I love how Marnye Langer changes “problems” into “challenges” 🙂

How do you go about choosing who to learn from? Is it the same for your riding and in other areas of your life?

Pearls of Wisdom from The Dressage Convention with Carl Hester, Richard Davison, Sylvia Loch, Miguel Ralão and Charlotte Dujardin

The hosts: Richard Davison (left) and Carl Hester (right)
From left: Richard Davison, Sylvia Loch and Carl Hester
Click on the image for the event’s website

Monday after a great educational event – The Dressage Convention 2013 – surely must be perfectly suited to some note taking – have a look at some pearls of wisdom from Carl Hester, Charlotte Dujardin, Richard Davison, Sylvia Loch and Miguel Ralão .

It seems that The Dressage Convention is here to stay and will be a yearly event which I am very excited about as I couldn’t make this one in person.

If you are on Twitter, have a look at #TDCTalk tag for various updates from the event. Horse and Hound Magazine also ran a super tweet-report live from Bury Farm and I recommend having a look at their profile for many thought provoking lines: @horseandhound

Here is a little taste for what happened at the weekend. My resolution is to make the 2014 one in person!

Equestrian TV and Equine Infectious Diseases Video for Vet Junkies

Perhaps some of you have heard about this new online equestrian TV already but I have only just found out about them properly today. I thought I would share their website (click on image below) as it has a great grassroots focus with many regional channels which I reckon should be a fabulous development platform for the sport. Free and “watchable” online from anywhere 🙂

The Scottish area ( has been in operation for several months now and I am told that the other areas are now in production.

Equestrian TV – click on image to go to the website

While browsing the videos that has already been published on the Scottish Equestrian TV I came across this video with a “lecture” by Professor Derek Knottenbelt.

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