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Have you had your pre-ride Espresso today??

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Article by Peta Bee in The Times. Saturday 26th April 2014

It’s fair to say I am a coffee addict and although I don’t drink gallons of it, I love me coffee in the morning! I was therefore rather pleased to read an article in Saturday’s The Times which explored briefly the research done on effect of caffeine intake on human performance.

Apparently Mo Farah “swear by it” and who are we to argue with the Olympic and World Champion 😉

I do wonder though…Have you noticed a difference in your riding performance/focus/abilities/stamina post a coffee cup?

It is currently believed (according to newest research quoted in the article) that caffeine “releases calcium stored in muscles which in turn, boosts their power”. In simple terms, it allows the muscles to work for longer without fatiguing.

Considering that in riding we need to organise own body very well for fairly long period of times in order to organise horse’s body, it would seem that some added muscular stamina might come handy!

Riders often say, “ah if only I could keep myself straight for longer when he drops his shoulder or struggles for a canter transition” – perhaps it’s time for a quick espresso before the next lesson! 🙂

Don’t forget the Fibre


Cheerful, light post today after a couple of heavy ones! My favourite, quick ish breakfast – home – made muesli and freshly squeezed juice.

Both are seriously tasty as well as being one of the perfect energy boosters known to earth. It’s always been the only thing that kept me going through 12 hours teaching day when there is no time to grab anything to eat until evening. They are full of fibre that keeps you full for ages.

I found the mix of carrots and oranges to be delicious so do give it a try if you haven’t already.

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