Feature Blogger: Alice-Rose Brown

nfshow1Alice Brown is a copywriter, social media marketer, and lifelong equestrian hoping to combine her love of writing and horses to create a successful career.

Having completed a degree in English and Creative Writing, as well as working with horses throughout her teenage years, Alice is now looking forward to enjoying a freelance position that allows her to write about the things she loves.

Alice has been involved with horses since birth and has been lucky enough to work with some of the top riders in the world. One of her proudest achievements is working for the renowned New Forest pony stud – Farrier’s Stud.

Before taking a break from competition to attend university Alice competed in County level showing and dressage. She is aiming to begin competing again with her six year old New Forest pony, Farriers Field Day (Tommy), later this year.

Website: coming soon

Twitter: @Lit_Junkiee


Alice’s post on Aspire Equestrian’s Newsbook:

Article 1: Feature Blogger: Alice-Rose Brown about tackling confidence issues. Part 1: What Helped Me

Article 2: Feature Blogger: Alice-Rose Brown about tackling confidence issues. Part 2: What can I do to overcome this?

Article 3: Alice-Rose Brown’s confidence story series Part 3

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