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Photo Report from Arena and XC hire at Rosehill Equestrian

Text by Wiola Grabowska. All photos copyright www.cdphotos.co.uk  Please respect those rights and do not copy any photos from the blog. Thank you!

Now that I have Christine on board working with Aspire, I hope to be able to take you all on little journeys with us via the moments captured by her lenses 🙂

This photo report here is from last Saturday trip to Rosehill Equestrian.

Form left to right: Sasha & Boo, Sofija & Jasper, Lou & Robyn, Mairi & Gilly and myself with Jazz 


We try to organise to take horses for an away training sessions or shows once or twice a month. It’s not always easy to coordinate all the logistics with horses being stabled at two different yards and riders based anything from 30 minutes to an hour and a half away but we have managed a good few great outings already and it gets a little bit easier each time 🙂

Our most failed attempt was to try to coordinate the two yards trip to a dressage show organised by South Oxfordshire Riding Club. We didn’t quite realise how popular the SORC shows are and ended up with a few riders entered and the rest left starring at “entries closed” screen. Lesson learnt! We re-routed some horses to East Byshe Arena & XC which turned up to be a great venue with a mixture of XC jumps and show – jumps in a superb, spacious arena.

Sasha & Boo and Sofija & Jasper
Jazzy loves playing in water jumps 🙂 

Everyone (including my mad Springer) always has an awesome time although I must say I enjoy it all the most once it’s all over and horses and riders are all safe and sound relaxing during a de-brief chat 😉


Lou & Robyn 
Kate & Jack
Paige & Oscar

Our next trip is to RAF Halton Sponsored Ride  at the end of March. If you are based at a lovely venue in Berks/Oxon/Middlesex/Hampshire/Surrey available for hire or know of one you’d love to recommend give us a shout in the comments – we are always on the look out for interesting places to train at!

To Aspire riders: all the above and many more images are available for purchase from Christine so if you’d like to grab any, please chat with her when you see her on the yard or email her via www.cdphotos.co.uk 🙂 

Christine Dunnington: Using training photo collages to raise money for cancer charity

The idea of involving a creative photographer was to add value to what we do within the Academy, spread the happy training vibes and create some interesting, inspirational projects (more on this soon! :-D). Here’s a first little action Chris is running at the moment…:)

Wiola has kindly invited me to write another guest blog post and what better story than my latest ‘away day photo collage for charity’ option open to all Academy members.

My photo collages have always been something I enjoy creating, and the printed and framed version proved to be my most popular photoshoot session last year. Wiola and I have been posting a number of these digital collages over the past few months on both the Aspire Equestrian and Christine Dunnington Photography social media network and they are being well received, which got me thinking….

By asking for a small donation, I could create these small memento collages; I’m happy, you’re happy and I get to support my chosen charity – The Mouth Cancer Foundation – it’s a win-win situation. Full details can be viewed in the poster below.



When my Mum passed away after major surgery for mouth and neck cancer three years ago, I wanted to support a worthy charity relating to cancer research, so I Googled “mouth cancer charity” and it was only then I learnt of The Mouth Cancer Foundation, registered charity number 1109298.; their aim is to spread awareness offer support and advice to patients, careers and health professionals. Since then I donate regularly and my family, friends and my two Golden Retrievers take part in the annual 10km charity walk which takes place in Hyde Park, London, each Summer/Autumn.


I launched this offer just prior to the recent away training session at East Bysshe Cross Country Course and your support is so much appreciated, I am now in a position to donate £30.00.

Thank you all so much.