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Do you know Helmet Cameras? Have you ever wanted to capture your best rides on camera? Check out this Special Deal for Aspire Equestrian clients!

This post is NOT an advertorial. I have no commission or any other financial gains from this deal which is offered to riders who are training or have been involved with Aspire Equestrian’s clinics, virtual coaching, events, shadow training events etc. 

Dear Riders

As some of you will know my long term mission is to help amateur riders get the most out of their training and lessons. I am therefore always on the lookout for ways to bring you something of value, something that will help you with your progress, motivation and enjoyment. Something that matches Aspire values of quality education, passion for amateur equestrian sport and living life to the full.

I think this deal should tick all the boxes!

HeadCamz – http://www.hedcamz.com/ – is offering from 10% OFF on their head cameras to all Aspire Equestrian riders who would like to capture their life on the go 🙂

HedCamz “are crazy about helmet cameras, head cameras, action cameras, sports cameras, bullet cams….call them what you like….we love them!
HEDCAMz sources some of the best high quality HD (high definition) wearable camcorders available on the market today and are proud to be associated with the leading brands. “

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My New Horse

My New Horse

A very special extended training option for all riders with a new addition to their family.

It can be daunting to form a good relationship with your new horse. This programme will help you get to know your horse/pony better, understand what to look for in its conformation to aid your schooling, understand hoofcare, way of going, how to put together training plans for you and your horse regardless your level (novice riders welcome!), how to work on your posture to improve your seat and effectiveness in the saddle and many more.
If you share Aspire’s values and like what we do please feel free to print the poster out and put it up at your yard, share or email it to your friends and get the enthusiasm for horse friendly, rider-centred training growing.

I am always happy to answer any questions or just chat about the programme without any obligations – email me (Wiola) any time at aspire @ outlook.com

Here are examples of feedback from riders who trained with Aspire Equestrian E-Academy:

Corinna & Bentley

Nicoline & Panache

Francesca & Chagall

This is Why I do It…- Hugely Rewarding Feedback from California

Update on website link (please ignore links on photos, we have a new URL 🙂 ) – check it here: E-Academy: Aspire Equestrian Virtual Coaching Club

Last night I received a wonderful feedback from a rider who won 2 weeks of my virtual coaching via a competition organised by Hay Net.  The rider very kindly agreed for me to share it publicly. I don’t normally do less than a month long programmes because with my attention to detail it would be too much to cram into shorter time but I amended it all slightly and Corinna stood up to the challenge 🙂

I did my feedback as always when I do it for my monthly clients and enjoyed working with Corinna and Bentley very much. I did not, however, expect the amazing email she sent at the end. I put a lot of effort into educating myself, my eye for detail, for deeper hidden causes of easily visible symptoms. To be able to help riders as a result of that is hugely rewarding.

Over to Corinna…

Corinna1 feedback
Corinna and Bentley on one of the photos she sent over prior to me putting together her training plan.

Hi Wiola,

Well it looks like I have come to the end of our 2 week virtual training with you! I cannot even express what a fantastic and wonderful experience it has been for us!

My trainer here in California is focused purely on show performance, so it was very valuable to me to be able to ask you detailed questions about Bentley’s health, hooves, movement, personality, etc. without being concerned that it would annoy you. I have been so impressed with your knowledge of horse and human biomechanics, and I have been sharing your insights with everyone. Continue reading This is Why I do It…- Hugely Rewarding Feedback from California

Teaching in San Francisco Today!

My newest US students. You got to love big eared horses! Well, I do anyway. And yes, he is a grey, I am surrounded by greys right now! 🙂

The weather in California is set to be warm with some sunshine and a gentle breeze. Perfect for some training I reckon. The handsome boy above is a big horse, a hunter-jumper with that great rolling ta-da-dam, clockwork canter that I have only ever seen en mass  in hunters (as in, US Hunters, not UK hunters).

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Photo Post From day of Filming :)

One of our brave riders and her lovely 4 year old Liberado S taking part in filming for Aspire Video Library.


Filming for Grassroots Library: the basics – stability and balance. Rider’s first go ever on a PIlates ball 🙂


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The magic of a virtual training programme

Seeing I have a lovely winner of the Hay-Net competition starting her virtual coaching with Aspire I thought it is only fair that we chat about the magic of online training today 🙂

There is a gentle buzz about with regards to online coaching/training and not without a valid reason. Apart from obvious benefits of being able to have lessons from virtually anywhere in the world whether you have a fancy lorry to travel with your horse or not, there are many more deceptively small pluses…

photo (1)

As I sit here analysing videos from a client from Scotland, I would like to share with you my experiences with virtual coaching from the provider point of view. I would like to chat about what it looks like for an instructor to run a virtual coaching programme like Aspire E-Academy.

The Less Known Benefits of Virtual Coaching

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And The Winner Is…

In the last couple of weeks riders around the world were able to enter a great competition organised by Hay-Net Social Blogging (if you blog about equine and country related subjects do join in, it’s a free site with an opportunity to share your posts with many horse mad individuals 😉 ).

The winner gets 2 weeks of Aspire E-Academy virtual coaching free of charge, whilst the runner up can claim 50% off 1 month of Aspire’s virtual coaching. I will tell you more about the process of Aspire’s online coaching on Thursday but today, huge congratulations to the winner and runner up!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you to all who entered the competition in the last couple of weeks. I loved reading your comments on how you think virtual coaching could help you reach your goals and what difficulties you have with using video in your training.

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