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VIDEO: Equine McTimoney Manipulation Therapy with Back In Line: one awesome horse gets a treatment!

BackInLine McTimoney Therapy
Sam Barrett with one of my client’s lovely horses

Posture can affect everything. Attitude, willingness to make an effort, comfort during the effort, motivation. Muscular imbalances in horses can over time lead to permanent changes in their conformation making movement difficult.

Skilful training helps enormously with imbalances and one-sidedness but there are issues that may have lingered throughout the horse’s body for years, perhaps even since birth/foal. These can make training uncomfortable and unpleasant and encourage the horse to look after himself by becoming aggressive/lazy/”naughty” etc before good schooling irons out postural issues.

When an opportunity arose to video a McTimoney Therapy session with one of my client’s horses, I jumped at a chance and you can view the result below. Merehead is an 8 year old National Hunt ex-racehorse, about 11 weeks out of a racing yard and in his early schooling days getting to know his new “job” with his new owner.

I really enjoy teaching the pair, they have a great potential and hopefully Merehead will love the eventing career he is aimed at. He is VERY careful around the ground poles 😉

Following the session above Merehead’s pelvis was visually straight (prior to treatment his left hip was lower than than the right despite standing square) and I look forward to seeing what effect this change has to his work on the left rein as has found it very uncomfortable to stretch through the right side of his body so far.

To learn more about Sam Barrett and McTimoney Manipulation Therapy please visit: www.back-in-line.com

I hope you like the video, if you have had your horse treated by a McTimoney therapist please leave a comment with your experiences. I will update you all on Merehead’s progress, he has a next lesson with me on Wednesday and his next appointment with Sam is in 2 weeks time.

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Video taken with permission of Sam Barrett Back – In – Line and Meerhead’s owner