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Aspire Equestrian @ Café Time London Chapter i.e. learning with a difference


Before I tell you what this is all about, let me clarify, the Group header photo is not how the Café looks like 😉 I wish!

At the beginning of last year, I taught someone who was preparing to move countries and wanted to buy a horse once settled. For three months prior to her departure, we met once a week “for a coffee” and I ran an informal discussion about all things horse husbandry with her. It turned out, she had a friend who wanted to take British Horse Society exams and wanted to brush up on her knowledge and ability to chat about it without becoming nervous. The sessions had been great fun and so whenever I heard someone say they would love to learn more about horse care and/or needed some help with their exams, I suggested the ‘Café sessions’ 🙂

Over the course of months these became on/off occurrences on private and semi-private basis but not until one of my London riders asked me about theory learning options had I thought about forming a regular group.

We had our meeting 0 yesterday and I am really looking forward to seeing how beneficial these sessions will be. I don’t really like traditional learning options where someone just tells you everything you “need” to know from one particular source and you sit and listen so I apply my riding coaching style (here are the clues, figure things out and share your findings with me/others) to the theory “lessons” too 😉

If you live in London and would like to join us, please email Wiola at aspire@outlook.com. Sessions are about 1h 20 min long, free of charge for Aspire riders (riders on my riding programmes) and £15 per session for all other enthusiasts. We will be meeting on Saturdays at various locations within short walking distance from Ealing Broadway station.