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Jasmine shares her thoughts on “Pony Racer” – one of the many fabulous equestrian stories published by Forelock Books

By Jasmine O’Brien


Jasmine Pony Racer 1

I enjoyed this book because you never knew what was going to happen next and it ended in a positive way. My favourite character was Leo the pony because he understood how to make Tom happy and he always tried his best to please everyone. My favourite section of the book was when Tom and Leo won the race as the way it was written made you feel like you were there. I would recommend this book to others who like horses and ponies because it shows if you are patient and you practice you could reach your goal. I would rate this book five stars!

Jasmine Pony Racer 3
Jasmine and her loan pony, Gryffindor Amber Flame 


If you are on a hunt for Christmas gifts already as I know many of you are (!) and you have some pony/horse loving book enthusiasts among your family and friends, check out Forelock Books 🙂 I have ordered from Michelle before and the books are beautifully published, always arrive nicely packaged and make a wonderful gift 🙂

This is not a sponsored post. Just a genuine appreciation shout out to a lovely book publisher!