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Joining Aspire Equestrian for a trial next month is…

PippawebsiteOne Sunday afternoon in 2006 or 2007 I was teaching this schoolgirl who was also a helper at the riding school I freelanced at at the time. We had this troublesome pony to exercise and she was the only kid who was happy to get on the mare but also the only person I wanted to teach on that little bronco! The girl found it all incredibly exciting while I was watching the mare’s displays with heart in my throat 😉

In between exuberant and spooky behaviour, the pony worked really well and the girl had a lovely natural feel despite being a fairly novice rider. That afternoon, after the girl survived some serious flying challenges from the mare and then worked her very well until she relaxed and let go of tension, I told her that if she was still in the horse industry and wanted to be an instructor when I set up my own coaching programme, I would find her and get her to work with me.

Some seven years later, I have kept my promise 😉 

Pippa has indeed remained working with horses. She continued at the riding centre until she’d finished her GCSE’s. We spent numerous hours on the lunge aiming at developing good dressage seat and then, at 16, she popped her stirrups up her chin and away she galloped straight to British Racing School…She decided fly & buck ponies were still not exciting enough I guess!

One thing she always had was great work ethics and I wasn’t surprised to hear she finished the infamously hard course and immediately got a job. Years went by and she worked at different yards eventually deciding she wanted to do her licence and become a jump jockey. We lost touch for a couple of years and at the end of last year I had heard she had just left racing to train towards her BHS exams…

If you follow this blog you will know I have busy plans for this year (2014 goals HERE) and taking on a trainee instructor was on my mind for a while. 

So I picked up the phone…

Pippa will start by doing a trial month with me in March to see how she likes it (if it’s exciting enough!) and how I find her commitment to teach well and if all goes well then watch this space…:)