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Embracing Podcasts – For all house and yard chores…

If like me, you love reading and dislike wasting time, you might like to embrace the incredibly varied and interesting world of podcasts 🙂 They are perfect to listen to during all sorts of chores we need to do everyday when reading is out of the question and they let you learn something new even while you seemingly “wasting your time” washing floors, hoovering, cleaning tack or poo picking the fields.


I first really got into listening to audio books and podcasts when I worked on my own as a groom and had to muck out 10 to 15 stables a day. There was pretty much no one to talk to and there is nothing more boring than a repetitive shovelling. Manure really doesn’t need acute concentration and I was so bored with the radio in the barn which pretty much repeated songs to the point of brain death, I loaded my phone with various files and gave it a go.

And I still love it. It’s great for washing dishes and tidying up around the house (which I also find infinitely boring but like everything to be clean and tidy), great for when you travel London style (i.e. a’la sardines) and reading a paper book or a magazine is out of question, for driving long distances etc etc

I have since started to listen to all sorts of podcasts from business through psychology, coaching, marketing to, of course, horses. I will list a few equestrian titles which update regularly in case you wanted to give them a go:

http://www.thehorse.com/podcasts – great for anyone interested in equine medicine, latest research and general horse health

http://chrisstafford.podbean.com/ – very enjoyable podcast with interviews, educational segments, book reading, veterinary episodes. A little bit of everything from UK and US.

Horse Radio Network: http://www.horseradionetwork.com/  These guys have many shows within the network and here are some I listen to regularly:

horse radio

Dressage radio: http://dressageradio.horseradionetwork.com/

Horsemanship radio: http://www.horsemanshipradio.com/ (new addition)

Eventing radio: http://eventingradio.horseradionetwork.com/

They also recently started a kids show too but I haven’t listened to it yet. Here’s a link if you wanted to share it with your pony mad offspring: http://www.blazekidsradio.com/ 

What can a newcomer or an amateur rider do about choosing an instructor for themselves or their child…

I listened to a very interesting podcast on Chris Stafford Radio this morning. It’s very American West Coast jumping scene focused chat in first part so perhaps not so relevant in the UK but once it stops there starts (around 00:14 onwards) a very interesting discussion about choosing an instructor…I’ve put the link for you below, it’s a really interesting insight into someone else’s choices that might motivate some riders or parents to be more open minded and think outside the box when assessing who they want to learn from.



Many valid points made in this interview  and I love how Marnye Langer changes “problems” into “challenges” 🙂

How do you go about choosing who to learn from? Is it the same for your riding and in other areas of your life?