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Aspire Grassroots Clinic in Yorkshire and why not to Do It Yourself too? :)

Sometimes I get asked by people where does my energy come from and let me tell you this not so secretive secret – it’s from all the Aspire work! When I do an away weekend clinic which technically takes 4 days including travel days, like the one just gone at Lindrick Livery in North Yorkshire, the real tiredness only really hit afterwards. The actual teaching part is as awakening and energising as life can be.

The most energising part, however, is doing it with like-minded people who really want to improve and are driven not only by that improvement but by wellness of their horses. This means that the focus is not on what different bit/noseband/lunging system to use but what exercises to do and how to improve own awareness in order to have a so called happy athlete working for the rider.

Yorks clinic Collage
Collage of riders who took part in the July clinic (sans one rider whose videos I deleted by mistake 😦 ) – 5-6 July 2014. Yes, we accidentally timed it with Tour de France going through Ripon! It was rather exciting to search for yellow bicycles everywhere! :))

I would love to know if you take part in various clinics at your yard – please leave a comment! How often do you have organised, structured lessons with homework to work on with your horse between the lessons? I notice a big difference in the riders’ skills in Yorkshire since March this year when we did the first clinic together. This was the third one.

If you are on a smaller yard or at DIY livery where there are not many training opportunities and would like to organise Aspire Grassroots clinic do get in touch (aspire @ outlook. com). It doesn’t matter if you are 13 or 73 with a flashy warmblood or hairy pony 🙂

In fact, even if you don’t get Aspire Grassroots Clinic to come to you, I would really encourage you to get together with friends at your yard and organise regular training at the level suitable for everyone – it is a great motivational tool, brings a little change into training routine and gives you tools to work on on everyday basis. I visit DIY yards with lovely horse owners who struggle to get an instructor to come out to them or perhaps there is nobody in immediate area who suits rider’s preferred training methods. Organising a clinic is a way to go dear grassroots riders 🙂

P.S. Thank you to Ceri Dickinson for organising the Aspire Grassroots clinics and for Lindrick Livery for hosting them. See you at the end of August! 


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