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New feed for older horses who struggle to chew and maintain condition… – CushCare Condition by Dodson&Horrell

Over 20 years old and still loving his life 🙂 He does have difficulty chewing hard feed.

Part of my work involves teaching riding to non-horse owners and that means I rely on my working partners (horses!) to be in good condition, healthy and with positive amount of energy. Over the years I grew to appreciate the wisdom and life experience of older horses and they are often the best teachers any novice and intermediate rider can get.

Another over 20′, ex-racehorse and one of the best schoolmasters I ever had a pleasure to teach on 🙂 She’s a hot lady with various metabolic issues so struggles to keep her weight on in winter. 

For this reason, I tend to pay attention to products that enhance quality of life of older horses  and one that has launched today sounds very exciting! I will add I am in no way connected to the manufacturer and this is not a sponsored post. I have not trialled the feed or know personally of anybody who did so I am simply throwing it out there for anyone who might be interested. There are not many good feed stuffs out there for this group of horses  so if you have one, check this product out 🙂

CushCare Condition by Dodson & Horrell – click the image below to visit the site dedicated to the product: 


What do you feed your older horse? Does he/she struggle to keep condition on? Struggle to chew?