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IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, you Can do It. Or Can You??

What you might have been told by “mature, realistic and well wishing” friends or family is that the above Walt Disney quote only really works in Walt Disney movies and really, how many times have you seen a Walt Disney ending in a mature, real life?

Anabel and Kingsley

It’s one thing to have big dreams and the other to have the money to pay your rent, food, debts, bills, isn’t it? Well, here’s my little take on this often sniggered at quote.

Can you?

I think Disney was not such a silly dreamer after all because the most important part of this quote to me, is the beginning…”If you can…”. To really, truly imagine yourself doing something that might take a lifetime to achieve or might take a change of a lifetime is the hardest part! To remain confident and ignore possibility of ultimate failure, to live on the edge of poverty, to endure people using you, putting you down, to doubt yourself countless times and still continue on your journey is the “can” part…

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