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Guest Blogger Filippa shares a few words on her latest intensive training with Emma Emanuelsson

Last week I was a part of a very special training for two days. The trainer is a well known Swedish rider called Emma Emanuelsson. It was so much fun and I learned a lot!

FilippaSwedenWe did not jump so much on the first day and focused on flatwork instead. The training consisted mostly of tempo changes in different forms. One of the exercises was trot and canter work between two poles on the ground. Bella did very well in the warm up and in the dressage practice. She was very happy and alert, just like I want her to be.

It went well when we started jumping too. There were two small obstacles on a circle, an obstacle on one of the long sides, two poles in the middle and six obstacles on the other side. All ending with an oxer.

Emma’s training was quite different to my own so it was a new exciting experience to train with her methods.
Bella was very tired after the first day of training probably because we have never ridden that long or so intense before.

The second day the warming-up was not as long as on the first day. Bella felt a bit tired, she was not as alert as on the first day.  She did not have the same energy as on day one. The jumping was not as good either. The jumping course was a lot like a course you might see on a regular competition in show jumping. It consisted of twelve obstacles, with a combination of two obstacles and a lot of oxers. There was also an obstacle that I don’t know the word for in English for, but I am going  to try to explain it. It consists of three single obstacles in line, all together and quite intense for us to jump.

At the end of day two Bella was very tired. She did her best. She has never been on that kind of two-day showjump training before. It was very high and very long. Even I was exhausted. We both celebrated that we made it with a shower and extra meal portions!

 All the best,