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Emotional value of attachement in training

This very interesting article caught my attention the other day. I really recommend the read and would love to hear what you think, do you agree?

“McLean said horses that feel a closer “attachment” to their trainers will have a stronger sense of security compared to those that feel less attachment. As a prey animal, an insecure horse is a fearful horse, and a fearful horse is a looking-around-and-not-paying-attention-to-his-trainer horse. So a lot of what might seem like “horse whispering” as well as all sorts of touch therapies might really be “horse attachment.” The Horse




Those Rider’s Feelings…Dealing with rider’s euphoria and down moments

You know that euphoric feeling when your riding session goes great, you did everything (or most things!) right and your horse went fantastically well? Do you feel on top of the world? Like you are finally getting somewhere with your riding? Finally feeling improvement?

Oh I do remember those sessions myself!

TABULA RASA…BEGINNING OF TRAINING SESSION. WHO WILL I BE AT THE END OF IT…(photo from my time working at Hippikos, Portugal)

What about those sessions when you got off and before your feet even touched the ground you were browsing the possibilities to commence breeding hamsters, collecting lady bird figurines or something equally bizarre, anything but to ride again. You felt useless and like you were not doing right by your horse (he would do so much better with my trainer! I am holding him back!). Your brain frantically considered sale of the horse and perhaps even giving up riding all together.

I do remember those training sessions too :-/

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