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New Sportsline Riding Gloves from Super X Country

These fantastic gloves are available to purchase at Boudica Equestrian, a start-up business supporting Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy.  If you love these gloves, you might want to give Boudica a visit. To see the gloves on video, check out Boudica’s Instagram clip HERE  🙂

SXC gloves

Super X Country is delighted to introduce its first gloves – Sportsline Riding Gloves.

The new gloves, designed by Super X Country founder Becci Harrold, combine breathable mesh panels with Silicone X Grip on the palms and rein inside fingers. They are lightweight enough for warmer weather and have a close contact fitting, to maintain feel.

“If you’re fed up of gloves coming undone, reins slipping through your fingers, feeling a lack of connection to the horse because of the bulk, and getting hot hands, these are for you,” said Becci. “I designed these gloves with competition in mind and really looked at the areas that bothered me about gloves, especially when I was competing. Grip was a really big one for me, so the Silicone X Grip on the full palm and on the inside of the rein fingers made complete sense, to help prevent any slipping to support a consistent contact. The breathable panels help to keep the wearer cool and the close contact design allows free movement too. I also picked a really strong fastening which doesn’t move or come undone.”

New Sportsline Riding Gloves have launched in three colourways: black and white, rose gold and navy, and white. All colours are available in sizes XS-L and have a RRP of £25.

For more information on the new Sportsline Riding Gloves from Super X Country, see www.superxcountry.co.uk.

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Guest Blogger Boudica Equestrian about the boom for technical clothing, equestrian jewellery and yard-gym-street-training wear

By Laura Williams of Boudica


Long gone are the days or riders wearing only tweed and uncomfortable, old fashioned hunting style clothing. Although brands such as Timothy Foxx are certainly keeping tweed in fashion! In the main riders are now demanding clothing that are both fashionable and technical.

So what is this new ‘technical’ clothing?

As with the importance of well-fitting saddles and bridles to enhance horse performance, people are recognising the importance of well-fitting and technical attire to enhance rider performance. Technical clothing tends to include moisture wicking materials that move with the body to complement the riders’ dynamic position and high energy exercise.

In addition, manufacturers are focusing on the knee and bum area to ensure the material fits around with body without causing rubs or restriction. Derriere is a brand focusing on rider underwear to reduce rubbing and increase comfort.

Technical riding leggings have made a big impact this year with many brands such as Chillout and Aztec Diamond producing stylish, affordable and comfortable technical leggings made for the gym and the saddle. Clothing that increases circulation and even infrared and magnetic systems are also becoming mainstream. Brands such as Back on Track are at the forefront of such research for both rider and animal.


But what about style?

Fashion is of huge importance to many riders. Competitive riders are sponsored by big brands in exchange for showing off their jewel encrusted helmets and boots as well as standing out in bright and colourful show jackets. The vet inspection at Badminton was a good example of this with riders opting for bright trousers, dresses and even military style wear in a hope of winning the title of best dressed rider! Sponsors HiHo Silver chose Giovanni Ugolitti’s military attire this year as their winning outfit.

2018 has brought lots of gorgeous new styles to the runway. Of note for the equestrian world are bright and bold colours and the addition of lace and ruffles to shirts. Pastels are also making a big comeback this year.

With so much choice how do you know what clothes to invest in? I’d suggest going for items that are technical but stylish that can be used for riding and leisure. If you want a flattering style go for high waisted leggings/breeches and fitted tops. These don’t need to be pricey, so look for new and British brands. I’d also choose a few pieces that are bright and bold to add a splash of colour to any outfit. Navy is a very popular colour which won’t go out of fashion so that’s always a safe bet for your day to day pieces.


Wardrobe must haves:

Get yourself some technical leggings for everyday comfort and style. You can wear these for riding as well as to the gym or a Pilates class so they are a great investment. I recommend Chillout’s new and very flattering leggings that are available in a range of colours and come in at only £40.

Check out some Technical breeches too for lessons and competitions. The new trend for ‘sticky’ seats and knee patches are worth trying out. Look for stylish patches such as Chillout’s union jack silicon knee patches.

Baselayers are great for layering and wearing on their own. Perfect for cross county but also for everyday riding and gym wear. These are moisture wicking and keep you cool on the warmer summer days. Montar’s Navy lightweight zip top which can also be used as a baselayer and Chillout do a technical baselayer to match their leggings.

For competing stand out with a bright red show jacket. And why not also add a bit of glamour to your outfit with Montar’s beautiful lace competition shirt. And if you want to seriously splash out go for glamorous helmet like the rose gold edition from Kep or customise your own!

Even equestrian jewellery has now got an additional element… Need to keep the nerves at bay before your lesson or competition? Hiho Silver have a stunning spinner ring which you can twist round to calm those nerves and the horseshoe version adds in a bit of luck too! There is also Pegasus jewellery’s Vitality Magnetic Bracelet aimed at reducing stress and helping with circulation and relaxation.

With all this to choose from and advancement in clothes all the time this is a great time to get involved in equestrian fashion and start adding to your wardrobe! Shop now www.boudicaequestrian.co.uk

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Equestrian Fashion: Spring has sprung at Annabel Brocks

Luxury lifestyle brand, Annabel Brocks, has introduced three new head warmers to its collection, to celebrate spring.


All head warmers have sumptuous faux fur on one side and are fully reversible. The Luxury Beige and Spring Coloured Tweed head warmer uses a British wool tweed featuring spring green, white, lilac and purple with a natural faux fur lining. The Luxury Beige Herringbone Tweed combines beige faux fur with a herringbone tweed featuring a pink stripe. The final new spring head warmer, the Luxury Natural Faux Fur and Pink Suede, is made from natural toned faux fur with a stunning pink faux suede contrast band.

“With spring here, we wanted to introduce some spring toned head warmers… because we all know that spring and even summer in the UK doesn’t necessarily mean sunshine and high temperatures,” said Annabel Brocks. “These gorgeous new colours are lovely for spring as they use lighter and brighter colours, but still use our quality materials and are handmade in Britain. As they’re all reversible too, they work with any outfit.”


The three new head warmers join the Annabel Brocks Collection, which sits alongside the Charlotte Dujardin Collection and Cheltenham Collection of head warmers, and the company’s range of capes, gilets and accessories, all perfect for the stylish equestrian.  The three new head warmers have a RRP of £45 each.

For more information on these head warmers and the rest of the Annabel Brocks Collection see www.annabelbrocks.com or call 01284 827206.

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