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Thoughts on “It’s Time To Train The Trainers” – an article by Catherine Haddad Staller

I came across an interesting article today thanks to Katie’s blog “Reflections on Riding”. In her post “Failed Delivery Systems”  she discusses Catherine Haddad Staller’s latest article on Chronicle of The Horse.

Catherine says: […]”What finally irked me into writing this blog is this: Our trainers need more knowledge about how to train the basics—not just for themselves, but for their students as well. And they need to motivate themselves to GET RESULTS. Don’t pass off a basic problem to a visiting clinician—it does not speak well of your own teaching skills! […] So, my trainers, don’t wear me out teaching someone how to hold the reins. I did not fly half way across the country to do YOUR job for you. Find me riders who want to learn in order to become better teachers at home, and I will give them all I’ve got.[…] You can read Catherine’s article in full here: http://www.chronofhorse.com/article/train-trainers.

The article caused some stir and disapproval in comments section among novice dressage riders and I must agree with the fact that the delivery chosen by Catherine is somewhat distracting from a very valid point she is making. It seemed she managed to hurt the group of riders she didn’t even address the article to. I recommend you read Katie’s post which explores the delivery issue in more detail. Here I would like to share my thoughts on probably the core message in Catherine’s article: the lack of training competency in the trainers.


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