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A little hoof health help from Equimins

There is no question about the importance of hoof health for horse’s performance so let me share this new product with you all 🙂 Who knows, some of you might find it helpful.

hoof_disinfect_gel_500g copy

New Hoof Disinfectant Gel hits the shelves

Equimins has recently added a new product, Hoof Disinfectant Gel, to its range. The gel uses the same effective formula as Hoof Disinfectant Spray, but in a different presentation.

The gel is easy to apply and ensures no run-off. The actual disinfectant is made from a variety of safe bactericidal and fungicidal oils, along with a biocide developed specifically for the type of environment hooves are exposed to. It’s incredibly safe yet highly effective, in fact, Hoof Disinfectant Gel can also be used on minor wounds.

“Our new Hoof Disinfectant Gel provides an alternative to those who prefer a gel over a spray,” says David Willey, Managing Director of Equimins. “As per the spray disinfectant, it’s very safe but very effective and can be used to help hoof infections and maintain hoof health. The benefit of the gel is that there’s no run-off and it can be applied precisely using a brush.”

Hoof Disinfectant Gel is available in 500ml tubs that have a RRP of £8.75.

For more information see www.equimins.com, email sales@equimins.com or call 01548 531770.

Prepared by:  Rhea Freeman PR,  Tel: 07980 757910  Email: rhea@rheafreemanpr.co.uk  

Pretty cool competition from Equimins for anyone who likes the “before & after” challenge :)

One of the companies who took part in Aspire’s Christmas Gift Guide last year was Equimins. I couldn’t not share their latest news as the “before and after” challenges are the ones I like following the most. Check out for yourself 🙂

Take the Equimins Advance Challenge!

If your horse is starting to lose condition as the winter draws on, Equimins has the perfect solution – Advance Concentrate Complete. This forage balancer with money back guarantee complements a fibre diet and, as an extra incentive, the best ‘before and after’ pictures will be featured on the company’s blog…with a prize for all horses who make the cut!


Advance Concentrate Complete is a high specification, concentrated forage balancer that contains vitamins, trace elements and bioavailable minerals in addition to ingredients that support the horse’s gut, such as probiotics and Saccharomyces cerivisae yeast. Unlike many balancers, the concentrated formula means that most horses receive just 60g a day, whether this is in powder or pellet form. What makes this balancer really stand out is the money back guarantee – it’s simple – if the horse’s owner doesn’t see an improvement in condition after using the product for two months alongside the horse’s normal feeding routine they’ll receive a refund (subject to Ts and Cs). For this winter season, Equimins is asking its customers to send in their ‘before and after Advance’ pictures with those selected for the blog receiving a prize.

“We continue to be inundated with people who are delighted with Advance Concentrate Complete,” says David Willey from Equimins. “It uses a truly superb combination of ingredients to support health and condition and, with the money back guarantee, it gives people additional confidence in the product. We call it a forage balancer as that’s all that needs to be added to the diet, although people do feed it alongside a reduced ration of ‘hard’ feed. It’s designed to support a more natural way of feeding, which works with the way the horse’s body works…so there are lots of different angles that are covered with this product.

“We love receiving images from our customers and enjoy seeing their posts on Facebook, but we thought that, actually, we’d really like to showcase people’s stories and their ‘Advance’ horses in our blog…so we’ve launched a ‘before and after Advance’ competition. It’s easy to take part and the stories we feature will receive a prize.”

In order to enter, the horse’s owner needs to submit an image showing the horse before he or she started using Advance, and an image taken at least two months after showing the horse’s condition. Equimins would also like to know a bit about horse, his diet and the activities he does. More information is available on the company’s blog www.equimins.com/blog/.

For more information on Advance Concentrate Complete, see www.equimins.com, email sales@equimins.com or call 01548 531770. For the Advance Concentrate Complete brochure, just email or call Equimins.

Prepared by: Rhea Freeman PR, Tel: 07980 757910 Email: rhea@rheafreemanpr.co.uk