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Oh Wow! Little Aspire blog is in the Final of Hay-Net’s Equestrian Blogger of The Year 2014 Award! We need your vote now :)

hay net blogging final

The Aspire Equestrian’s blog started in May 2013 after I decided to split my personal coaching life blog part from an educational blog part. I wanted the Aspire space to be a place to come for a bit of learning, a bit of inspiration and most of all – for motivation to explore riding, teaching and training horses without bullying, gadgets, gimmicks and rushing. The blog is still in its infancy with big plans for more useful content to come.

Writing and sharing is my geeky hobby, something that is creative, challenging and motivates me to always search for more knowledge, good solutions, better understanding. I don’t have the time for maintaining large stream of posts but always strive for them to be thoughtful and valuable. For these reasons it feels great to be nominated to the final of the Hay-Net’s Equestrian Blogger of The Year 2014 Award! 

If you enjoy Aspire’s blog and would like to give your vote for us, head over to THIS LINK – it takes 1 minute to complete the voting 🙂 If you would like to read more about Hay-Net’s competition and meet other finalists, click the image above!

Huge thank you to all who voted already and who are planning to vote 🙂

All the best,