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Teaching Standards of Riding Lessons – Following an interesting conversation on Horse & Hound Forum

s3It is believed that for something to change, the awareness of an issue has to happen. It certainly hold true for riding skill – we first need to feel or be aware of a possibility of the feel for something before we are able to tweak it, correct it, improve it. 

If you follow Aspire’s blog and coaching programmes you will know that we do not do short cuts. There will never be any tricks and gadgets substituting what can be learned without abuse. And yes, let’s don’t walk on eggshells and avoid the word. 

I generally focus on positive information and happy vibe on this blog but I am also passionate about grassroots riding education and if it is to change for the better, many many riders, riders-to-be and parents of those need to be aware of what standard is the good standard. 

Have a look at the below conversation currently happening on Horse and Hound Forum and add your thoughts on there or on here.

When watching your child’s lesson and having doubts about your child learning to “ride” not “bully” – do ask questions. If instructor is unable to answer, ask them to find the answer. When having lessons yourself as an novice/intermediate rider, follow your common sense. If you are asked to whip the horse repeatedly or kick and kick until your legs hurt, have your say

Teaching Standards.

Some young instructors never been taught to teach differently – build their awareness with your curiosity….Riding is such an amazing sport and can transform lives beyond imagination. It needs to be done with horse wellness in mind though otherwise it’s nothing but circus – entertainment at a very high price to the animals involved.