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Rider Fitness Series with Integrative Movement aka Kathlyn Hossack – 1.Core Activation for Riders

Welcome to this new series on Aspire Academy’s blog – it will be packed with quick tips, visuals, photos and videos, all in a form that can be easily replicated by most and in most places.

Your Rider Fitness Trainer for this series: Kathlyn Hossack



Certified Athletic Therapist, CAT(C) Kinesiologist, BSc. Pn1 Nutrition Coach. Rehab, training, and health consulting (online options) for all humans. www.katmahtraining.com/blog

She is off for a Nepal trek very soon so if you are into fitness, life challenges and travel, follow her on Instagram @integrative_movement for photo and video updates!


Stay tuned for the next parts and feel free to comment if you had a go and with any rider fitness questions you might have so we can choose exercises and tips to suit. We will also be having a go at the exercises with the Academy riders ­čÖé

Until next time!