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Great news for all made-to-measure boots enthusiasts!

Tuffa offers made-to-measure options on all long boots!

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Tuffa Footwear has introduced a new made-to-measure boot service that applies to all long boots in Tuffa’s collection.

The new service allows the company to make a pair of boots, in the style of one of the existing lines, to fit the rider’s exact measurements. The rider needs to take 12 measurements to ensure that the boots fit perfectly, and then wait for just 10 weeks while the boots are being made!

“We do our best to cater for all sizes and shapes of rider as our Breckland and Broadland Boots prove,” says Michelle Girling from Tuffa Footwear. “The thing is that there are so many different sizes that it’s not feasible to carry stock of each possible variation, so we came up with an affordable alternative. For just £40 on top of the normal boot price, we can make the boot made-to-measure. We’re excited to be able to offer this service and know our customers are going to really appreciate it.”

The made-to-measure boot service is available on existing long boot styles and allows the boots’ measurements to be changed during production for the perfect fit. The cost is £40 plus the original cost of the boot, making made-to-measure boots a very affordable option.

For more information see www.tuffaboots.com or call 01953 880914.

Prepared by: Rhea Freeman PR rhea@rheafreemanpr.co.uk 07980 757910