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My New Horse

My New Horse

A very special extended training option for all riders with a new addition to their family.

It can be daunting to form a good relationship with your new horse. This programme will help you get to know your horse/pony better, understand what to look for in its conformation to aid your schooling, understand hoofcare, way of going, how to put together training plans for you and your horse regardless your level (novice riders welcome!), how to work on your posture to improve your seat and effectiveness in the saddle and many more.
If you share Aspire’s values and like what we do please feel free to print the poster out and put it up at your yard, share or email it to your friends and get the enthusiasm for horse friendly, rider-centred training growing.

I am always happy to answer any questions or just chat about the programme without any obligations – email me (Wiola) any time at aspire @ outlook.com

Here are examples of feedback from riders who trained with Aspire Equestrian E-Academy:

Corinna & Bentley

Nicoline & Panache

Francesca & Chagall