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A product that can save your horse’s life?

I seem to be writing a post after post about interesting products lately but can’t help it – they are interesting! 🙂

During my time in Portugal, I got to meet an amazing, beautiful Lusitano stallion called Rehedição. Trained to Grand Prix, he was a fabulous schoolmaster and a great asset to the centre. He died suddenly at night (found dead in his stable in the morning) and post mortem conclusion was a serious colic. When I saw this product, I thought about that amazing horse and could have really be that this little device could have saved his life? Maybe…

What do you think? They are fundraising on Indiegogo at the moment:

indiegogo night check
Click image to watch the video presentation and see the campaign

Night Check (patent pending) is an innovative new product ready to help detect devastating medical issues in horses early enough to treat them. Night Check is a sensor with state of the art software to decode the activities of your horse and warn you when there is abnormal behavior such as being cast in the stall or showing symptoms of equine colic. Night check analyzes your horse’s behavior and calls or texts phone numbers you designate when colic, a foaling mare or other situations are likely. [From: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/equine-night-check–2]