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How one little ex-racehorse won Olympic gold jumping 1.9m (6ft2in) oxers and 4.60m (15ft) wide water jump…

I came across this footage today and thought I would share a snippet of a story of an amazing little horse that jumped his heart out.

He raced as a 3 year old but wasn’t successful and as a result ended up being passed on to show jumping and eventing. He competed in both until he was given to a Polish show-jumper, Jan Kowalczyk, to ride and specialise in Show – Jumping. He won Olympic Gold and 8 CSIO shows.

He was 16hh...

The video below shows them at Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980. Artemor, bred at the famous (mostly for breeding top Arabian horses) Janow Podlaski Stud, was by a Thoroughbred stallion Eros and out of an Anglo Arab mare – Artemiza.

There is a lot being said about cross-country courses and jumps changing drastically over the last 20-30 years but so had show-jumping. The jumps at Olympic Games at the time during top classes were 1.7m (about 5ft6) – 1.9m (6ft2)…the water jump was 15ft wide…In modern Olympics the jumps at Grand Prix are up to 1.6m (5-5ft5) with water jumps being up to 14ft wide.

That little horse had virtually jumped a course of Puissance jumps 😉 The fact the riders wore some soft military berets gives me shivers.

In December 1984, Artemor was diagnosed with Encephalitis and put to sleep.

Not for faint hearted: 11 Rules of Being a Supportive Amateur Equestrian

A couple of mornings a week I try to catch up with various equestrian forums, both English and Polish (sometimes I venture onto Portuguese, Swedish and Norwegian sites too), read about what riders like to learn about and what might be giving them trouble with progressing their riding. It keeps me on my toes, makes me always search for better answers, consolidate some things, open others for more discussions.

We equestrian bunch are a rather opinionated one. I put together a little Guide on the basis of what I read this and past week. I would be interested in your thoughts…


Here is the thing. We are all in this sport together. Critiquing methods and techniques displayed by Olympic riders is just not ON…

1. You know those pictures and short videos of various “advanced training methods” you see online and that make you feel a little uneasy and kind of like you felt when someone skinned a dog alive and they showed bits and bobs of it on TV? Don’t worry. It’s just this amazing speed of a shutter, if you were there you wouldn’t even spotted this because your eyes, the eyes of a rider who never trained at that level, have no ability to see that kind of movement. Rest assured all this is normal and fine, many world famous judges cannot be wrong, it’s totally unnecessary that you comment on what you see. Just buy a ticket to an event and enjoy it for gods sake.


2. It’s important that you do not criticise anything (unless you are also a top rider than perhaps you can add a point or two) even if it makes you a little sick inside when you watch some training methods. Just realise, these are very sensitive horses, they would probably kill you if not for the methods they are being trained with, please understand.

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