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Feature blogger Alice Rose – Brown reviews Star Stable – more than just a horse game for girls

Star Stable – more than just a horse game for girls

Right from the start Star Stable sets itself apart from other equestrian based MMORPS (massively multiplayer online role playing games) games with an interesting backstory that perfectly combines fantasy and equestrianism.

Although the game has been created with girls in mind, the fantasy elements and the option to name your horse something like “Thunderstone”, means Star Stable will also appeal to boys.

What is Star Stable about?

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The fully thought out backstory of Jorvik being a lifeless place before a mysterious girl on a horse fell from the sky is a fantastic way to spark a young child’s imagination. The interesting, informative introduction to the game encourages children to read and understand the virtual world they’re playing in. The excellent graphic design and the realistic horse movements give an impressive visual picture in a “cartoon realism” style.

As well as mastering horse care and riding skills players go on quests, solve mysteries, and make friends in Jorvik. The fantasy elements of the game and the chance to go on adventures with their trusty steed mean that older children won’t get bored but Star Stable still fits the family friendly demographic.

Getting started

Star Stable is quick to set up and as the game is browser based you avoid the long installation process that many online games involve – ideal if your child is desperate to get riding.

The website is simple and easy to navigate, your child, or even a technophobe parent, could easily get started. The website has a page for parents explaining the child safeguarding policies and the features of the game that ensure your security.

Creating your character

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Your avatar is fully customisable allowing players to choose their own face shape, hair colour and style, eye colour, and make up. You can then choose from a great selection of first and surnames. Choosing your horse is a similar process, you choose their body colour, mane colour, and their name from an extensive list of combinations including “Lemonflower”.

To prevent inappropriate user names players choose from a long list of predefined names for their avatar and their horse.

Membership options

The free version offers players the majority of the full game and they are able to play up until Level 4. For the full game experience players need to become paid members or “Star Riders”. Payment can either be made monthly at £4.95/month or for a one-off payment of £49.90 players can become lifetime Star Riders. There are also three month and six month membership options.

Full membership allows features including members-only clothing and equipment, access to other locations with Jorvik, and members-only quests.

Educational as well as fun

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The world is ever changing, allowing players to learn new skills and develop a stronger bond with their horse. Players have to achieve specific objectives to move through the levels of the game which challenges their skills and intellect. Caring for your horse is a key part of the game and players are responsible for feeding, grooming, and looking after their equine companion. Having a well looked after horse is encouraged as you’ll find it easier to complete challenges.

In-game chat is another feature that young players will love and helps to develop social skills between children of a similar age. Safe gaming features and automatic moderation of all chat conversations mean that parents can relax knowing their children are talking in a safe environment.

Leader boards and player-created riding clubs encourage healthy competition but it really is all fun between friends as other players are always happy to help you complete a difficult quest.

All in all Star Stable is a fantastic family friendly game for girls and boys a like that helps to develop many abilities including problem solving and social skills. The beautifully realistic graphics and well thought out plot will keep older players amused and the game offers excitement without the violence and peril often associated with online gaming.