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Guest Blogger Lo about her New Year’s Dressage Training Break in Portugal


Trying to escape the Swedish winter with complete darkness after 3pm and lasting until 9 am, the cold as well as muddy paddocks, we went to Portugal!


We have been here, or more precisely in Hippikos near Braga, for the last week. Hippikos is the equestrian centre where I got to know Wiola two years ago.

[This is exactly so! I met Lo while working at Hippikos. She was this little skinny girl who rode one of the very sensitive but strong mares beautifully even back then 🙂  She also did a great job of the exercises I gave her on the gym ball! Below is a bonus photo of Lo, myself and one of the best dogs in the world – Pinta! just about a year ago during New Year week 2012/2013. Wiola]


For me it’s the absolute paradise with wonderful Lusitano stallions, great instructors and the very best Pinta. I come here as often as I possibly can: four times in 2012 but only twice in 2013 as I now have my own horse and don’t really have the time. My dream would be to bring Boy here and stay for a whole summer. That would be absolutely amazing.

I have been riding four horses this week: Aortico, Zebruno, Vista Alegre and Vento de Levante. They are all stallions and wonderful dressage horses. Even though it’s possible to have both dressage and jumping lessons I focus on dressage while I’m here as I feel that I learn more and the jumping horses can be a bit fresh, at least in the winter when the weather is cooler.

Dressage is also what I enjoy most and what Boy and I compete in. The horses here are also so well educated that I can practice movements that one does not usually do on ponies, at least not in Sweden: passage, piaffe, Spanish walk etc.

Talking about the weather it has been less than good this week, as it’s been raining almost constantly. Yesterday it got even worse as there was a thunderstorm during our lessons. I thought my horse would freak out with the lightning and rain that was louder than the instructor. Fortunately everything went well and I didn’t fall off.

Bye, see you soon!


Pinta – a very special Jack Russell Terrier

Pearls of Wisdom from The Dressage Convention with Carl Hester, Richard Davison, Sylvia Loch, Miguel Ralão and Charlotte Dujardin

The hosts: Richard Davison (left) and Carl Hester (right)
From left: Richard Davison, Sylvia Loch and Carl Hester
Click on the image for the event’s website

Monday after a great educational event – The Dressage Convention 2013 – surely must be perfectly suited to some note taking – have a look at some pearls of wisdom from Carl Hester, Charlotte Dujardin, Richard Davison, Sylvia Loch and Miguel Ralão .

It seems that The Dressage Convention is here to stay and will be a yearly event which I am very excited about as I couldn’t make this one in person.

If you are on Twitter, have a look at #TDCTalk tag for various updates from the event. Horse and Hound Magazine also ran a super tweet-report live from Bury Farm and I recommend having a look at their profile for many thought provoking lines: @horseandhound

Here is a little taste for what happened at the weekend. My resolution is to make the 2014 one in person!