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The First Time When…

first passage wiola
My first go at passage. June 2011

Today I would like to invite anyone who is up for it to take part in a little “first time when” challenge 🙂 I will start with my own “first time when” video… I can’t even start to tell you how many things I see wrong on it 😉

One rider told me today that she would love to go up a level competing wise but she knew she did not want to feel like a beginner again. Do you stay in your comfort zone of competency to avoid the discomfort of progress?

Let’s face it, raw progress is not particularly comfortable or graceful but it has never meant to be. My first experience of trying to ride passage was a mishmash of trying too hard, searching for the right feel, seeking connection and harmony with the horse and losing it with each step, creating power which I had no idea how to contain, trying to remain relaxed while maintaining tension needed for the movement…it was a mess!

I am quite ok with that for now. One of many riding goals I want to pursue is the skill of riding at Grand Prix level. Finances allow, I would like to compete at that level too. In the meantime, I am enjoying the “beginner” stage at that level and I hope to inspire many riders this year to set their own “progress goals” too 🙂

Your turn! What’s your “goal in progress”? If you have a video, link to it in the comments! Share your “first time when” on the way to the future skill you are working to acquire 🙂


Rider’s Mind: Fear of Failure, Lack of Self-Confidence, Yearning For Perfection

Horse watching
Horse watching (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

It so happens that I am helping three lovely riders at the moment who are each battling with their own minds and this has inspired me to write this post.

Unless you are going through serious emotional issues that cause you distress and which might need professional attention, hear me out.

There is nothing fabulous about perfection.

It’s a done deal, end of, static, cold state that cannot be improved upon, that is never developing, never getting anywhere. There is nothing sexy, exciting, intriguing or curious about perfection.

Now, progress is another matter…Progress is “the After” in the “Before and After”, it’s what we have to show for our efforts. It’s our own, sweated out, laughed out, cried out journey. It’s ongoing, dynamic, changeable, unlimited, sometimes painful, sometimes beautiful.


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