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Ceri: Why everyone deserves a photoshoot :)

I keep seeing many riders arranging for having photo shoots with own horses or their friends’ horses. Even riding school riders started to immortalise their experiences with their favourite school horses. Having Ceri of Pure Essence Photography as a guest blogger on here I thought it might be interesting to look into the why’s of having your photoshoot done. 

I personally love good photography. Sometimes I even like bad photography too! As long as the photos catch a moment in its essence forever framing it in a priceless second, even underdeveloped or over exposed snaps have their merit. 

If you simplify things a little you might say that life is just a milliard photo snaps one by one running on a time treadmill, we all wish we could stop it sometimes…could a photoshoot be a vehicle for a mini handbrake that lets us re-live the emotions we would love to keep for longer?

Over to Ceri…


A photo shoot can be an amazing experience, a chance to spend a couple of hours having fun and posing with your four legged friends and at the end of it some wonderful photos that you can keep to cherish forever.


Want to capture some memories of your children with their first pony? Those early years fly by so quickly and are filled with so many firsts…. first canter, first jump, first rosette. Don’t let those memories fade as the years pass by.

The bond between horse and owner is incredibly special, celebrate that relationship and show it off to your friends.


Perhaps you’re saying good bye to an old friend, keep the memories alive with a beautiful print.

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Guest Blogger Ceri on Combining Two Passions

Photo copyright: http://pureessencephotography.co.uk/

Well I had a bit of luck recently! As explained in a previous blog, I gave up working with horses just over a year ago as I wanted to set up my photography business and felt that, with horses being more lifestyle than job, the two just didn’t mix. Well, following a random conversation with an old friend, I am excited to be back working with horses in a position that will allow me to do both! Perfect! I am now working part time on a livery/hunting yard which allows me to be back in the countryside I love, earn enough to survive and give me the time I need to build my business.

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Meet New Guest Blogger: Ceri and PURE ESSENCE PHOTOGRAPHY

From Wiola at Aspire Equestrian:

There are so many photography businesses out there nowadays offering their services but many go in the direction of rather strong contrasts, supernatural visions, soulless at times in their creations. Such techniques can of course be interesting and there are many creative examples out there but I invited Ceri to blog on here about her adventures with her new business because her photos simply and beautifully capture the real emotions, real colours, real connection we have with horses.

I hope you will enjoy Ceri’s work and her story too as she builds her start-up business Pure Essence Photography. Please feel free to leave your comments and let us know if you enjoy posts like this. Over to Ceri 🙂


Pure Essence Photography

Photo copyright: Pure Essence Photography
Photo copyright: Pure Essence Photography

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