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The purpose of Dressage explained in a short video :)

Check out the video below ­čÖé

A week ago, a rider watched a lesson I was giving to her fellow livery and asked me afterwards if it was dressage that was my main/preferred coaching area. The content of my lesson was a very basic flatwork encouraging a more correct, relaxed body in the horse and more balanced and effective seat in the rider so that question surprised me somewhat.

It made me think that we often compartmentalise training into Dressage, Jumping, XC etc and then we have “dressage horses”, “jumping horses”, “I – don’t – do – dressage but only hack horses” , “hunting horses” etc whereas I like to think about it not as horses for dressage but┬ádressage for┬áthe horse, any horse, any rider…It’s simply training the body of a riding horse so its job of specialising later in life is as easy as possible. It’s the training the body of the rider so they can dressage = train their horses into willing, comfortable riding horses/hacking horses/jumping horses…

My main, preferred area of coaching is training a healthy horse and a sympathetic, empathetic rider in both basics of dressage, more advanced dressage and jumping . Karen Rohlf from Dressage, Naturally, explained my thoughts so much better in this great, short video: