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Mixing Disciplines to Improve as a Rider

Kate racing2

We often say that for a horse to be athletic, healthy and interested in his work he needs variety in his training. However, we don’t always apply this to ourselves as riders and tend to carry a label of a “dressage rider”, “jumper”, “eventer” (the latter having probably most varied training routines from all) and stick to certain schooling patterns.

I have experienced the benefits of cross training myself having tried different disciplines and riding styles so I am very keen on developing my courses in a way that allows for many different elements to be included. Ever since Pippa joined me to work with me I knew I wanted her to bring in her racing experiences and knowledge into our training mix. Race riding requires fitness, balance, stability and mobility all in one and when done within reason can have a fantastic results on riders who struggle with the above in their usual discipline or riding style.

mixing disciplines
Pippa demonstrates different variations of racing seat on a cantering simulator

In the same way in which we can’t improve a horse’s trot or canter by simply trotting or cantering more, in the same way many aspects of specific ability needs wide lenses and multidisciplinary approach when planning improvements. It makes learning fun, interesting and challenging – both for riders and for the instructors 🙂

What discipline do you focus on? Do you mix and match different ones to develop as an all round capable rider?