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Video Day Wednesday: The Basics of Rider Biomechanics by Ride With Your Mind (Mary Wanless)

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In September 2006 I walked into Hartpury College‘s library (first time I saw so many equestrian books all in one place – I pretty much spent most of my time there each day when being at the college) and discovered trainers who tried to explain things that are often brushed off.
One of the first books I picked up was Ride With Your Mind by Mary Wanless. It was an old version, a very tired copy written in a not so user friendly way but I found the theories intriguing.

I have since attended seminars with Mary Wanless and read her other books with more understanding (as my knowledge of English language progressed 😉 and although I personally prefer to pick and mix various ideas and go with what brings results in particular rider or a horse, I do believe her system is worth attention.

Having noticed Mary published the below video recently I thought some of you might find it interesting…I would recommend watching it before you reach for the books…