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One teenage rider’s “before” and “3 months on” progress tracking video

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Learning to bandage. August 2014.

Today I would like to share with you this short progress tracking video of a 14 year old rider on Aspire Equestrian training programmes. I review each long term rider progress every 3 months to make sure they improve in their awareness, balance, coordination and understanding of horse friendly training. Every rider will progress at their own time and according to their own needs and goals but the ethos of the Academy is to always strive for little improvements and as such, these little video progress trackers are very useful 🙂 These reviews also sharpen my eye for details that I might be missing or becoming complacent to as I am sure many instructors can relate to.

Caitlin came for an assessment session at the end of April having ridden a little as a small child and wanting to re-start her riding lessons. Her mum found me by searching for progressive and structured lesson programme and initially enquired about Start Programme (Aspire beginner rider programme consisting of of 12-16 sessions focusing on seat training on the lunge and using Racewood simulator).

Caitlin 1st session
Caitlin at her first lesson with me – assessment session. 26 April 2014.

Having assessed Caitlin and found her to be a very quiet albeit very unbalanced rider I decided on a combination of Foundation Programme (an all-round rider education) with elements of seat training from the Start Programme.

She has made a wonderful progress improving her technique, feel and awareness in the last 3 months. She rides with me once a week most of the time with occasional twice a week sessions.

Caitlin collage
Simulator training helps with strengthening of the body without causing negative tension. It’s fun and challenging yet has no adverse effect on a horse.

Here is a short video: 

Aspire Equestrian current coaching offer: http://aspir1.wix.com/aspireequestrian2014