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Breeding my horse of a lifetime: Nine minutes with Royal Diva – from heartbeat to 6 weeks old [VIDEO]

Diva being a diva
Diva walking Kelly back to her car in style πŸ˜‰ 4th July 2017.

The youngest Academy super star mascot, Royal Diva, is 6 weeks old and growing by day. She shed her first frogs and her foal coat is slowly shedding too leaving her face slightly moth eaten in appearance πŸ˜‰

She has learnt to lead for short periods of time, pick her feet up, got acquainted with an overnight stabling, learnt to eat grass and come to call πŸ˜‰ You can watch her giving Kelly a welcome HERE. Β Her hooves are changing as her diet is expanding and you can see the deeper rings marking her date of birth now clearly growing down.

For most part, she leads a quiet life interspersed with short moments of human visits couple of times a day.

She’s feisty at times but overall appears to have a nice, inquisitive, confident level temperament, loves people and thrives on scratches πŸ˜‰ Tilly is a fabulous Mum leaving Diva plenty of space to explore and has lost some of her constant protectiveness she showed at the beginning.


The little filly is oh so alive and such a personality and yet, exactly a year ago, on 5th July 2016, Diva was nothing more than a confirmed heartbeat on the vet’s monitor.

The video below will take you on a nine minutes long emotional journey that might make you want to breed your own little diva! You’ve been warned! πŸ˜‰

Baby Due Today!

By Wiola Grabowska

Read Tilly’s baby story by Kelly Hill HERE

There seems to be just a few inches between where Tilly’s huge, broad belly ends and the ground starts. She has that tired yet peaceful expression that varies between lightly annoyed with any attention to thoughtfully disinterested.

The due date is today but Kelly says there’s nothing in particular that makes tonight different as far as Tilly’s appearance or labour signs go.

Her pony companion keeps her alert and in fact, the only time when Tilly shows some energetic reaction is when she loses sight of Rosie.

Due today…🐴 #royaldik #horsesofinstagram #royaldikbaby #beautifulevening #horses #mareinfoal #duetoday

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She eats her dinner slowly, deliberately. The sun is warm on her back. The evening is beautiful, calm, filled with bird songs and a fresh breeze. You might say, a perfect evening for a new life to arrive πŸ™‚

For all updates on Tilly’s story see:Β https://aspireequestrian.wordpress.com/category/breeding-my-horse-of-a-lifetime/