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An interesting product for riders looking for some stickability and extra comfort in the saddle (and few photos from Royal Windsor Horse Show)

I am not usually a fan of all sorts of seat savers and the likes as in my experience they feel like they create a thick layer of distance between the rider and the horse and thus decrease the feel. However, I was very surprised to try the shock absorbing saddle pad pictured below at Windsor Horse Show yesterday.


Although it appears rather thick and spongy both to look at and to touch, once sat on it creates no bulk at all and in fact, gives you a feel of sitting on a very, very comfortable saddle ๐Ÿ™‚

If you ride many horses a day, have less than a perfect saddle or need some help to stay “plugged in” to the movement in that medium trot, I do recommend you have a look at this one. The one I tried is made by Acavallo:ย http://www.acavallo.com/

The Royal Windsor Horse Show started yesterday (14th May) and will go on until Sunday (18th May). It’s a lovely show with a fabulous atmosphere in a stunning set up so if you don’t have any plans for the coming weekend, head over to Berkshire ๐Ÿ™‚ Few photos from yesterday below. I took some videos too which will be on the blog later today.



Senior Horse / Pony โ€“ Ridden – line up just before the winner was announced
Dressage. Castle Arena. Advanced Medium Freestyle to Music
Castle Arena. Land Rover Grades B & C Handicap Jumping Competition. Barely visible Laura Kraut over 3rd from the last jump. Fabulous round and pleasure to watch – ย very fast but without any pulling and shoving, really great riding.
On way to the show grounds
On way to the show grounds