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A little seed in a field that can kill your horse before your eyes…do you know how it looks like?

Yesterday a lovely family I know lost their beloved horse to this dreadful disease within 45 minutes. A few years ago, a riding centre I ran my training days at lost a few horses and had many suffering to some degree. There are many more cases around UK and Europe (more than 400 cases last autumn) and yet no subsidised research on this lethal disease is currently being undertaken…Do you know what it is? Do you know what to look for in your field to keep it safe?

Equine Atypical Myopathy – not sure what it is? Picture a horse having azoturia, colic, tremors, heart problems, RAO and depression all in one moment and you are closer to an idea of this disease although the severity of the symptoms vary (please click HERE or on image of the sycamore seed below for full, official information on the disease – the site is in both English and French).


Currently linked to the lethal toxin – Hypoglycin A, present in seeds and seedlings of sycamore trees – EAM is still very much an unexplored disease that is in great need of research and study…

From official website http://www.myopathieatypique.fr/en/amag-2/: “An alert group for atypical myopathy has been initiated to help horse owners to take preventive measures against atypical myopathy.  In fact, atypical myopathy doesn’t have the characteristics of a contagious disease, but it declares under an epizootic form: several horses are affected at the same time and this in different regions or even countries over Europe. A largely distributed alert by an efficient alert group, allows horse owners to prepare for an attack of atypical myopathy.

This alert group is called the « AMAG » for « Atypical Myopathy Alert Group ». This group is still in constitution, but every contacted European researcher and clinician has responded positively at this initiative.”

To read more and learn how to protect your horse from Hypoglycin A poisoning please visit: http://www.myopathieatypique.fr/en/