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Video Day Sunday Christmas Countdown day 3: First Train a Chicken….

Today’s video subject wasn’t planned but I chose it because of an inhumane and ridiculous schooling methods I witnessed this afternoon.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were deeply ashamed to have known and admired someone? Do you know that feeling of your brain not processing fast enough what your eyes are seeing perhaps to protects itself? That moment when you watch and you cannot believe how incredibly thoughtless a seemingly intelligent and talented human being can be? Well, that was my afternoon.

It occurred to me ¬†as I sit here still affected by the situation, that every single person who ever wanted to school horses should first train a chicken…These funny birds are considered to be pretty silly and pretty low on brain cells.
The best thing, however, about first learning to train a chicken is that you cannot whip the bird mindlessly so it goes over a little obstacle course…you need to understand what motivates it and then use your own brain to non-violently manipulate chicken’s brain.

And that knowledge in my opinion is a prerequisite for any horse trainer