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Question of the weekend: what good few top dressage horses have in common with Elena Mukhina? (answer at the bottom of the post)

By Wiola Grabowska

There was once a brilliant young girl who could do what others wouldn’t dream of trying. She had a coach and an ambitious management team and was going to the Olympics. Do take 6 minutes  to get to know her if you haven’t heard of her before, meet Elena

I’ve heard of Elena because, for better or worse, and despite the fact I purposefully focus on grassroots vs professional sport, I still like to follow the “top” in many different disciplines. Many non-sport-specific coaching methods are not that dissimilar across all sports and I find it interesting to learn beyond equestrianism.

This weekend, a dressage rider well known for using rollkur, won the third leg of the World Cup Dressage 2017/2018 Western European League.

There have been so many outcries, social media posts and online actions against rollkur and other abusive training methods yet riders who use them still win at the top of the game. The pursuit of impossible is so ingrained in our human nature that it overlooks everything on the way. If a body is able to do it, or we think it is, we will try to make it do – whether animal or human. Limits seemingly do not exists.

Considering a horse and rider in a competition are a sports team, even though riders of all levels have coaches, the rider is effectively a unique type of a coach to their horse. They are also a performance manager to the horse. They are actually, everything training related to that horse.

And that horse might as well be called Elena.

For refreshingly different communication and possibilities, you might want to watch these Olympic riders: Karen & David O’Connor – another level of communication

*Answer: They have the same kind of coach

How to breed a foal with two heads?

Source: RNA hairpin Credit: Vossman/CC3.0 via http://www.labspaces.net/

If I offered this to you as a tutorial I bet there would be many different reactions to such action…Some of you might think: you can’t just learn how to breed a foal with two heads in your back garden, someone else might think: that’s impossible, science didn’t go as far yet, or yeah, that’s totally likely, or that’s wrong! , cool! how do I do it? will it help with research into headshaking?? – well, let’s just say there would be many views on this before we even got to me teaching you how to start the breeding process of this creature.

All those views and your willingness to learn how to breed a bi-headed foal will strongly depend on your beliefs, your knowledge of science and its uses, your idea of what is right and what is wrong as far as scientific experiments go. You will consider whether such experiment could be painful or uncomfortable for the animal concerned and how would it fare in later life, right?

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