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Introducing new Guest Blogger: Caitlin Thorpe

“You can do much better than that” – is what 15 year old Caitlin heard from one of her career tutors when she shared her ideas about “working with horses”and studying for a coaching degree…

Why is it that a dedicated, intelligent, clever and talented person should be discouraged from following a profession that can be incredibly fulfilling, challenging, interesting and – if done well – financially rewarding?

caitlin thorpe

I invited Caitlin, who has also been Aspire Equestrian Academy’s rider since April 2014 (you might remember her from some of my previous posts – HERE and HERE), to blog about her ups and downs as she follows her chosen career/life path.

It would be wonderful if we could all make this series into a dialogue between parents, other coaches, riders and other young people who are perhaps in similar situation as Caitlin and aren’t sure which way to go.

Ever since starting the Academy I wanted it to be a structure that facilitates goals and dreams of riders of all backgrounds, ambitions and abilities Рfrom committed grassroots horse lovers to dedicated instructors-to-be. 

I would love to one day invite Caitlin to teach alongside me as Aspire’s coach or help her find the best other avenues for her chosen equestrian career.

In this series we will explore various options, opportunities and challenges, look at variety of equine colleges, courses, work experience and training placements. We will ask questions and mull over answers that maybe not everyone is preparing to discuss…We will share views and experiences from Caitlin’s point of view, her parents point of view as well as mine as her riding teacher.

We will also follow Caitlin’s adventures as a rider and horse owner as she trains, competes and strives to do the best she can at affiliated events in the future.


I hope to hear from many of you out there with your experiences too.

Stay tuned for Caitlin’s first post later this month!




Guest Blogger Ceri on Combining Two Passions

Photo copyright: http://pureessencephotography.co.uk/

Well I had a bit of luck recently! As explained in a previous blog, I gave up working with horses just over a year ago as I wanted to set up my photography business and felt that, with horses being more lifestyle than job, the two just didn’t mix. Well, following a random conversation with an old friend, I am excited to be back working with horses in a position that will allow me to do both! Perfect! I am now working part time on a livery/hunting yard which allows me to be back in the countryside I love, earn enough to survive and give me the time I need to build my business.

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